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Thread: Having many fetishes?

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    Question Having many fetishes?

    Okay I recently lay in my bed and think about my "other" life. Obviously I'm TB/DL no doubt about it. But to be honest recently I'm really interested on BDSM lifestyle. I think that would be cool. So I have two fetish now but in recent weeks. Guess what? I have another one. Now I Identified my self as Furry as well. What really intrigues me is that I have more then one fetish! in fact three of them!. And I really wondered is it okay? And you know since I'm still young I really want to hear other people experience.

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    Sure it's OK to have more than fetish, I do and so do many others. Being vanilla is just boring to me so having any other scenarios to fall back on is excellent as it keeps things fresh and if having one fetish is OK then why would it not be OK to have more than one?

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    Its definitely okay. As long as your happy and healthy.

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    Diapers are actually my second fetish. My first fetish is with spandex.

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    Nothing wrong with having multiple fetishes as long as you can integrate them into your life. As an aside, many people would not consider being furry to be a fetish, although I can see how it could be for some people. I also find the word "fetish" to be a bit loaded for broader usage and more often go with "kink" these days.

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    Just I'm not only AB, sometimes DL, sometimes BDSM... But AB is my prefered. The same like a lot of people here. Nothing strange.

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    Smoker, I dont know how many fetishes you think you have but I would speculate that diapers would be one, which could be broken down into sometimes just enjoying wearing, and other times an AB....which usually tends to be more theraputic and emotional needing that that of being a DL (which tends to be more fetish orientated where ab is not) BDSM is a second fetish.

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    Archer, being a furry in most cases isn't a sexual fetish. Only in some cases of people having fetishes for anthropormorphic characters. Then most likely, they get turned on by furries. I don't care if you're into BDSM and all the other stuff, as long as you're happy with it, I'm happy too.

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    Hate to break it to ya, Furry is not a fetish, it is a fandom based around fictional anthropomorphic animal characters.

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    As long as you don't let them define you as a person (and yes, that does go for involvement in the furry fandom as well), they're relatively harmless.

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