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Thread: Have games become too easy?

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    Default Have games become too easy?

    This topic came up on another site I was reading, and thought it would be interesting to get a take here, especially with the varying ages of the membership. Do you think video games (or board/card games, if you prefer those) have become too easy? Are their aspects of modern games you love/hate?

    I don't feel like repeating exactly what I said over there, but I do feel that games have gotten way too easy at times. I see it more especially in adventure games. While I love the fact it isn't a bunch of puzzles to make your life miserable, I do wish there was at least some consequences to your actions in the game, instead of now where it seems what you do doesn't make a lick of difference. That comes up in RPGs as well, though at times they do try to add some consequences (done better or not is a question in itself but still).

    The other one mentioned there, and I do REALLY hate it, is regenerative health, ugh.

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    I must say that in my opinion the answer is unequivocally YES! Modern gaming is generally easier than the old school 8-bit era of gaming. (Don't get me wrong, some parts of modern games can be hard.)

    I hate that giant Yellow guy with the red eye in Mega Man that keeps reforming on both sides of the screen. You have to dodge his parts as they fly across and it's insane!!!!

    I beat it before a long time ago and have no clue why I can't do it now!!!

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    I think you're right about games being easier these days. However, I also think that modern games have become less about beating the game, and more about actually playing it. It's become a lot less of a game, and more of a story (I'm talking about the really big games- half life and portal jump out in particular, along with a plethora of others).

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    Yes. They've been casualized all to hell, and it's disgusting. A Megaman game recently came out on the phone, and there is (I shit you not) an "autoplay" function. Not only that, but many games in which the first few games were complex (The Elder Scrolls: Morrowwind) have since become incredibly dumbed down (Skyrim). I, for one, blame the children who flock to Call of Duty and anything EA squirts out every year, but that's just me. I'm glad Paradox keeps their Grand Strategy games complex, for the most part.

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    To a degree, yes, but there are still plenty of games out there that can give you quite a challenge. A lot of the difficulty in older games (like, say, Contra or Ghosts'n'Goblins) stems from where arcade games would just get directly ported to a console, but the developers never thought to put in stuff like extra lives, save points, or continues.

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    It seems like they are. I really, really sucked at most of the old games I've played, such as Super Mario Bros, Castlevania IV, Super Mario Kart, etc. I have been much better at a lot of the moder games I have played. These days though I suck even at modern games. *sigh*

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    Things have changed, as we have been saying... Games are like movies now, even some of the shooters. It's about getting through the story to see what happens.....

    Let us take the most commonly played type of game out there and compare it to my childhood.

    3D Shooters

    Today, it's as I said or even worse, simply another game where you shoot and kill with various weapons that looks like the last game.

    Back in the day, you played because of the graphics and technology.

    Wolfenstien 3D was not the very first 3D shooter game but most people remember it as such. Very few colors were able to be utilized and sprites were not true 3D.

    Next up we have Doom. A major graphical enhancement.

    Duke Nukem is pretty much comparable with Doom but with a lot of neato custom things built into the game engine.

    Quake 1... This is the true start IMO where we see a lot of real 3D sprites. The resolution was bad, but that was almost a good thing in a way.....

    When you stand at the beginning of a level you can watch the chainsaw guy walking back and forth in a nicely rendered movie like fashion.

    After that it still kept improving but we really began to branch out with more competition with the games.

    Now adays I see one Call of Duty I feel like I've seen them all. It's not the same kind of drastic technological improvement as we saw in the old days.

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    Default Have games become too easy?

    God yes! I once completed a FPS (sorry, it was ages ago, cant remember what game it was) using only a handgun (except where another weapon was required), on the hardest difficulty. They are just too easy. I want to be challenged!

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    Default Have games become too easy?

    To be honest, some of it comes down to improvments in mechanics. StarCraft 2 is way easier than Brood Wars because when BW came out they had a bunch of tech restrictions which made them limit the size of control groups, limit how many buildings you could hotkey, didn't allow for rally points... removing those difficulties is good, since mechanics shouldn't get in the way of the game (that should be compensated by having more complexity / better AI, but it's not always the case). So in a way, games becoming easier is a byproduct of people becoming better at designing games.

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    I can't comment too much on Console games, though I think there's a lot of accurate things being said in this thread, especially what Near just said about technical innovations naturally making games easier - when I was wee, beating a Mario game (3 in my case, being the only one I ever beat) was a marathon achievement because it was impossible to save... you had to do it in one run, without running out of lives, and without saving (or leaving your machine on while at school, as I did). My girlfriend and I beat the newest Wii Mario Bros game in a few days and with little actual frustration not necessarily because it was much easier, but because we didn't have to start all over again from the beginning.

    I play a lot of strategy games, and much has been said about the dumbing down of my favourite series in that genre, Civilization... I still think as above, that it's technical innovation more than anything that makes Civ 5 a more accessible game than some earlier ones in the series - the simplification of combat actually make the strategic aspects of the game more pronounced - you can't just steamroll over a city with a stack of tanks anymore, you have to plan and guard and retreat as needed.

    I also play my share of first person shooters - in this I can agree a bit more about things getting a little too easy... but there are always examples where the opposite is true - I find ArmA 2 infinitely more challenging than Operation Flashpoint from back in the day, if only because the AI has improved, and I've been playing too many light shooters from EA/Activision. The STALKER games I've played are a pretty punishing experience as well. When Half Life 3 is released in 2030 or so, I'm sure it will kick all our asses as well. I find Far Cry 1 and 2 pretty challenging, and I still haven't finished Battlefield Bad Company 2. Crysis 1 and 2 would have been challenging if not for the design element of the nanosuit which is basically cheating without a cheatcode.

    I tend to forgive the lighter, more cinematic shooters because they draw me in with a great (albeit sometimes cheesy) storyline... The various Modern Warfares and their spinoffs are laughably easy, but are basically just movies that you play... maybe they're their own genre.

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