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    Hello, my account is new here, but I am no stranger to this website, nor others in similar design. I generally prefer to go by the name Baby Wolfie or similar variations of that name on websites. However, I go by many names...outside of this world of virtual reality.

    I have been into this fetish and many others, even open minded to nearly anything and everything imaginable, since I was in my early to mid teens. Though, I never really strove to have a relationship of any kind relative to a boyfriend and a girlfriend, much at all. I finally got a relationship in my junior year of highschool, yet I never revealed my "secret world" to anyone...even online. I kept my real identity disclosed to anyone and everyone. After that relationship failed, I entered a new relationship with a girl who I truly fell in love with, back in my senior year of highschool. I told her everything...every fetish, every fantasy...everything. She was slow to become accustomed to it all, but eventually she realized that it was all just who I was and she loved me for it. Over time she actually started experiencing it with me, through her own free will. We didn't initiate in everything, but we experienced a lot of it together.

    Last year, she moved with her parents to another state, and our relationship became rocky, at the very least. I made a big move...and planned a trip to see her in April. Her friend and I left our homes to see her over a thousand miles away...and ironically, our favorite song was "I'm Gonna Be" by the Proclaimers. I proposed to her on Easter, and she said yes. Later that month, after returning home, I found out that she had been lying to me, sabotaging everything, and even cheating on me with multiple other men. I couldn't believe what I had found out and this led to our eventual falling out. At the time, I was in between jobs, in college, having issues with family and friends, and had very little money for anything after spending everything on the trip and the gifts and the ring. On the night of April 25, I attempted to kill myself...and was unsuccessful due to my friends running to my aid and stopping me from doing such a horrible thing to myself and my loved ones. That night, I promised all of friends, family, and even her that I would never do this ever again. I always keep my promises.

    Over the course of the several months it has been since that night, I have been able to pick myself up from that Hell I was in...for the most part. In August I entered a relationship with a girl who was out of state...and it lasted until about the end of August. I was still feeling many effects of the former relationship, and it caused issues for she and I. I brought doubt into the relationship, and I will never deny that...but I was blamed for telling her and making her doubt it. She left me and although it did anger me...I was not hurt as I was in the former. I am still trying my hardest to work back to where I can once again be her friend. Anyway, things have certainly changed.

    Now, I am talking to both genders and even considering a relationship with someone of my own gender. I am a straight man, and this is a VERY difficult transition, although the attention and feelings of adoration shared as well as similarity of fetishes and likes and many other personal matters help it along. To be honest, I am unsure of what I will really do...or if I will keep pushing myself to become bisexual. I do however know that I want true love, the ability to share my desires and true passions with someone, and to spend my life with someone sharing such amazing things as these fetishes and other interests and adventures...and it seems that finding a woman to spend that almost impossible. I am tired of the heartbreak, and of being alone. This is why I am reaching out and trying my hardest to find someone like me that I can finally share my everything with.

    I am considering moving away to either a city nearby, another state, or even out of this country. I want opportunities, in both jobs and relationships. I feel like a change of scenery and being somewhere where there is more to find and possibly a better chance to find someone like me.

    That is a very brief story about me since I became a fetishist and lover of an alternative lifestyle. I am sorry that I put you through a whole "life story" entry, but I felt like sharing myself with this community. I just acceptance, friendship, and to better my own and others lives in whatever ways I can.

    Thank you for reading, and constructive if you possibly can. Negative criticism will not be welcomed and probably ignored. ^_^

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    I just don't think its emotionally very healthy to try and be something that you're not. You can't just make yourself interested in guys if you're not.

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    Default Reaching out, with shattered limbs...

    Being gay or bi isn't a choice, you can't force yourself into being either. I understand you've had a rough time with women but they aren't all bad.

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    I wasn't able to find anybody until I decided to stop focusing on it and just be social. By focusing on a social life with others who shared similar interests, I was able to find a great match. Your partner should also be your best friend, imo

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