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Thread: Does XP Medical have an in-person store?

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    Default Does XP Medical have an in-person store?

    Yeah, not sure where to post this, figured this fit best. I live within driving distance of the address on their website, so I was wondering whether anyone in the area knew if it was possible to buy in person. Thanks.

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    The best way to find out would be to either call or e-mail them to see if it is possible to do this, go to their business & buy in person!! That is what I would suggest, so you don't drive there & get told we don't sell right out of the business, you must order online!!

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    I've heard that they don't have a storefront, but if you call ahead, you can pick up an order in person.

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    No idea, but having had to resolve a problem with them once before, I found them really professional and easy to deal with. I'd see no harm in asking.

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    Judging from where my order was shipped from Michigan I would say no but they could have warehouses on both coasts as well.

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