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Thread: Dating with incontinence.

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    Default Dating with incontinence.

    I have always found incontinence to hinder my confidence when dating. Being close to someone makes it quite hard to hide the fact I wear 24/7, especially with the bulkiness of the diapers I usually wear.

    Its not something I want to hide, but I am worried that the guy im with will find it unattractive and lose interest in me.

    When would be the best time to bring this up in a relationship?

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    He's not worth it if he loses attraction that easily, I say.

    If you can bring it up in a mature discussion, just keep in mind you have to cross this point eventually.

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    if someone truly wants to be with you the diapers should not bother them especially for a medical condition. it is something that should be mentioned before you get to far into the relation ship so if you see each other constantly for a month and really get to know each other for one they might notice by then and if they haven't they a months worth a time together is about a good time to tell them. that way if they do not like it then you have only wasted a month but if they don't mined or on the off chance they do like it (ab and or dl in them) then great.

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    I think any casual relationship that is slowly going beyond casual, and you believe is becoming serious. At that point you should say something. Of course, maybe by that time, one would know anyway. Good guys can get beyond this. Imagine my relationship with my wife. She told me early on that she was diabetic, and I told her early into our relationship that I lived an exclusively gay lifestyle in college. We got married anyway, and the 29th will be year 39. You will meet the right guy. Besides, as you well know, some guys will be turned on by the diapers.

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    I agree with everyone above (as always) that it probably isn't something that you need to bring up until it becomes more serious (and obviously before any really big thing e.g. marriage, living together, etc.). If they were to find out before then, well one would hope they would be decent enough to understand why you would not want to tell them right away and wouldn't suddenly lose interest in you. If not, well it happens, probably wouldn't of been worth being with them anyways.

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    It's probably one of these questions where there is no straightforward and correct answer. It will all depend on the person you're dating and your progress. Some people might be ok with it and appreciate being told early. Others might need some more time and get to know you better before accepting IC.

    Personally, I definitely wouldn't tell it in the beginning. Just as soon as you get a bit closer to each other, to avoid shocking surprises.

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    It will tell how kind that person will be.If he is a jerk about you wearing he would treat you bad in the end.
    This is not a big thing my G/F has to wear she ic I treat her with kindness and when she messes its ok.
    It's better you find out at some point.Yes there can be some turned off.How confend you're in you're life
    You will bring the one that will love you for you not for what you wear hugs

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    Speaking from experience, my girlfriend is double incontinent, and she told me straight out. We met in a chat room and the first night she told me everything about her medical conditions, ie the incontinence. I didnt even have to think twice about it, I knew right from the start that she and the diapers came as a package. To me she was just an extreamly beautiful and inteligent woman, and her incontinence made no difference to me at all.
    At the time she was suffering terrible daiper rash due to cheap medicaid supplied diapers, so the first thing I did was research the Adult Diaper Market and after reading several reviews bought her a case of Bambinos.
    Because I live in the U.K. and she lives in the U.S. we only get to spend a couple of months together each year but have been together just over 4 years now.

    When we are together I check her Diaper ever hour or two, lay her down and change her when she needs it, and clean her up when she messes.
    I purchase her supplys of Bambinos, Wipes, Cream etc, and I allways try my best to make sure she dont run out of supplys.
    If someone loves you then they must accept you for who you are, incontinence and all.
    So my advice to you is to be honest right from the start,and if they run a mile, hey they wernt worth it in the first place, but if you find someone who is accepting and understanding like I am, then chances are you "Have a Keeper"

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    I think alot of relationships stop when the person like the Op start with the what if. What if I am too fat? What if so and so is strange. What if I have to use diapers.

    The thing that should not matter to the other Partner. Most of the time the love and relation ship is about the Heart and soul of that person and how they act with each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
    Most of the time the love and relation ship is about the Heart and soul of that person and how they act with each other.
    Maybe in the perfect world.

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