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Thread: Ordered my first Daipers

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    Default Ordered my first Daipers

    I just order my first Diapers ever(in memory). It was Molicares from XPMedical. I was so ridiculously nervous about doing it. I hope they will arrive during the week and that I can enjoying them starting Friday night. Is 8:00 pm a good time to start wearing them if I plan on wearing through the night?

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    Well XP is #1 in trustworthyness and a Suday order to IL. I'd guess you get them by Wensday. 8PM is when I diaper up most every night & sit down to dinner and a movie, Submarine X-1 tonight, so I say, good call on the time. That 8PM diaper will make it to 6:30AM on work nights and 9:30 on the weekends for me.
    Good luck, have fun & stay out of sight!

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    I'm glad to hear it will last that long. Since molicares are a better diaper, could I extend that time a bit?

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    Molicares are one of my favorites, and I've tried a lot of different diapers. Overall they are comfy, very absorbent, and just amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubterraneanSun View Post
    I'm glad to hear it will last that long. Since molicares are a better diaper, could I extend that time a bit?
    It really depends on your fluid output. I find the Molicares press out a bit, (leak when you sit of roll over in bed) so I use higher SAP brands like Abena M-4, Wellness and Tranquility ATNs. Still Molis are a good choice and nice & thick between the thighs.

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    I ordered some sample's from XP Medical last friday. I'm getting 2 types of Abena's and Dry 24/7's. hope to have them by friday.

    Looking for an extra diaper to have on hand to use for special circumstances.

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    I was planning on dry 24/7s originally, but I'm quite too small.

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    I tracked my order this morning thru Fed Ex. They were shipped from a warehouse in Michigan. Will be delivered Thursday.

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    I used the tracking number and it said it should arrive tomorrow.

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