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Thread: Halloween costumes

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    Default Halloween costumes

    For this Halloween I want to know what are you dressing up as.

    Me I want to get a batman costume, or go as a Kiss band member to a costume party.

    I would also think it would be interesting to go as a baby wearing just a diaper for pants but I think that would look awkward.
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    The symphony I play with is holding a halloween concert, I'm super excited about picking out a costume. I think I might coat one of my old black dresses with glitter and go as a sparkly witch.

    And I agree, only a diaper would be extremely awkward...

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    Im dressing up as Pikachu since i actually has this costume no joke: Japan Anime Pokemon Pikachu Cosplay Costume KIGURUMI Pajamas Hollywood Party 001 | eBay I got this costume last year so i guess now that Halloween is coming up,I hope you dont mind a huge yellow mouse on your streets

    Edit: i guess you could try out as a baby for halloween but that just plane strange showing everyone in the world your diaper and other baby stuff...

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    My costume is kind of hard to give an official title to. I'm basically going as myself, but with special effect makeup to make it look like my throat has been slashed.

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    I am officially way too old to be trick or treating so I will be handing out the candy this year. I plan on dressing up as a ghost with a white bed sheet or something. I'm not sure why but it just sounds really funny to me.

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    I am in college so I can't do any real trick or treating but for a Halloween Party maybe I want to be this

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes this is the Kia Soul Hamster and I think this idea would be epic with some of my friends.

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    Im dressing up as Rainbow Dash as a Shadowbolt. Originally the costume was for Equestria La but I figured Id wear it for Halloween too.

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    I'm going as a Biker, Oh wait.... I AM a trick or treating on a Motorcycle would be seen as kinda weird tho.

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    I would also go as a Digimon or Ash Ketchum.

    As for dressing up as a baby I would just wear a diaper for pants but hmmm gotta think what else would work with that maybe a onesie.

    I am considering dressing as a baby and going to a costume party
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