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    Red face on my own

    to start my parents broke up when i was 6 i stayed at my mums for a day then a day at my dads. my mum was the first to get remarried when i was 9 almost 10. then my dad found a girlfriend when i was 12 she was ok at first but quickly i disliked her. she never offered my anything e.g. if i was watching tv with her sons she would come in ask if they wanted drink one at a time then walk out. also if i was watching tv then left to go to the bathroom or to get a drink she would come in and turn it over once i did it to her because i was getting mad at her when she got back tryed to take the remote from me saying i can chose what to watch when i pay it was my dad working and paying the bills. but anyway they got married at the start of the year.

    now to the present i am 18. my dad works away alot dont see him much now and my mum and step-dad moved to norway a few weeks ago. so it is just me now i am a bit down at the moment been on my own. other than that i am great.

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    If your dad remarried, wouldn't your step-mum be still be around? Or do you mean that you have your own place to live now, so you don't visit those people very often?

    My parents divorced when I was... I don't even remember. Maybe 8 or 9. At first my sister (who was 5 at the time) and I switched back and forth every three days, and that was just awful. I hated having to split up all my stuff and then pack up so often. I couldn't imagine going back and forth every single day. O:

    As for being alone, it can be a great feeling, although it gets a bit lonely at times. I live on a college campus (in a single dorm, though), which gives a fair mix of privacy and company whenever I want it. There's nothing quite like having an entire house to yourself, though.

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    i have my own house which is a 4 bedroom one
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