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Thread: Feeling like I am changing.

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    Default Feeling like I am changing.

    I had stopped wearing diapers for years and I am not sure exactly why... but, I would guess the main motivator is having been surrounded by people, family and friends, that know about it but all think it's a weird crazy person act.

    Well, I don't know why but I decided to indeed buy some diapers and I have only been able to wear them twice but I had a fantasy I cooked up in my mind. I then wrote the story and posted it in the stories in progress section.

    Now, the real reason for this thread:

    As I ran over the fantasy in my mind, I could feel a very familiar feeling. It's hard to explain it as it's more than a warm comforted feeling and it's not exactly a sexual feeling either even though I realize a lot of people experience that type of connection as well.


    It was a tingling throughout my whole self. My whole being. I felt amazing... Well, I feel amazing. Thinking about being cared for in such a way, well, part of me is still a kid.

    I've started to change in my life even within a few day period.

    I feel myself smiling more, joking more, finding more things interesting and fun. I feel myself changing. I am sure a psychologist would be against the whole thing and tell me something is missing or wrong in my life which is why I am doing this....

    But... I disagree. I know. I am simply being me. The change is amazing... and I can't believe I forgot this feeling.

    I am glad we are all here together to share and be ourselves.



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    Well that's good! I'm glad you have a newfound happiness. Though I think a psychologist would agree with you, saying that you are probably just giving way to a part of you that you had suppressed. I'm glad you're feeling much better now that you're embracing your AB/DL side more, and I hope you continue to feel this way, because there is nothing wrong with what we do.

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    I've told everyone close to me at some point about my secret.

    None of them are willing to accept it.

    It's sad that they are so closed minded... I can understand where they are coming from of course, but, I think you are right. I chose to suppress these feelings because everyone has been negative toward me.

    #1. I love diapers.

    #2. I love feeling like a child. (Not exactly a baby per se but I love the way babymitchy sounds so =P) !!!!!!!!!

    This is simply a part of who I am.

    I can feel it right now.

    Even without being diapered because right now is not going to be okay. I have a lot of responsibilities and all. ::sigh::

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    Regression is a totally awesome feeling. I know when I truly accepted this part of me, I did start to feel different..more alive or something. Life definitely looks fresher through 'little' eyes. It's kinda comforting to know that little kid you were is still alive and well...and still having fun.

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    I feel, profoundly, that understanding connection with others and sharing those relations in every way you can is an important part of whatever we are doing. I'm glad you are coming to feel this way about yourself again. You can tell the kid inside to shut up, but they wont listen. They are always right where you left them and they will always care.

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    congratulations, Its a great feeling to be able to accept your little side. I am slowly changing too, you might be progressing faster than i have though. I notice that i smile more often and have fun more often than i used to, but i still have a lot of down days. Mostly thinking about how much conflict has come because of my parents being unable to accept this, and the constant worry of finding a wife, especially in Utah where the LDS Culture is thick, and trying to separate a little bit from it is really hard.
    Anyway, theoretically speaking, i think for most AB's, when they accept their little side, they find life a lot funner and happier of a place.

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    It's happening very fast for me. I am simply returning back to an old friend. (figuratively speaking)

    I don't have any problems accepting it with open arms....

    It was the world around me that caused me to have problems and caused me to doubt myself.

    I don't care what the world thinks anymore!

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    I have experienced a similar feeling to you, BabyMitchy. Lately i have noticed that I have matured a lot, and stopped caring so much what others think. I've got a job, taken life a bit easier than I usually do (I'm a bit of a nerd) and enjoyed life more, and in return found a new level of enjoyment that I never knew existed. More than that, I'm finally at peace with myself, and have accepted myself for the screwed-up person i am. :P

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    That's great! I'm glad you can accept yourself and do what makes you feel good. This thread makes me happy .

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    That's awesome. It took some time to accept and embrace... once you did, it's very rewarding feeling. I realized that I don't want to stop wearing diapers just because society or some certain people don't agree or don't like it. Wearing diapers and being a LG makes me happy and warm/fuzzy inside. If that makes me happy why would I want to stop that?

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