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Thread: I found some Professonal audio equptment at the thrift store

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    Default I found some Professonal audio equptment at the thrift store

    I found this set at the goodwill for $23.98
    I'm going to hook it up as my sub woofer amp and crossover. Its only 120 watts but I think it will work good on a set of 12" sub woofers. I had to order a bunch of XLR connectors off eBay today so I can make cables to connect to my main amplifier. Ive been finding lots of great stuff the last few weeks at the thrift stores in my area.

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    Wow that is nice. I wish the thrift stores around where I live had that stuff.

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    DO WANT ///Drools

    I'm pretty sure 120 watts is plenty. I have a 15 watt bass amp that, from the 3rd floor, you can hear in the basement.

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    I Had to move some stuff around to get the new units to fit. I'm using the new amp and crossover for the sub woofer.
    How does it look?

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