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Thread: Made out with a guy so am I gay?

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    Question Made out with a guy so am I gay?

    Actually I dated girls forever, and I never jacked off to gay porn, but last night I was pretty drunk and for some reason I made out with a guy.

    And now I'm feeling kinda confused? So am I gay or bi or what??


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    from an old queen the short answer is...........

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    If you enjoyed it and still like girls...then you are Bi. If you didnt enjoy it, however, it might have been either a random drunk moment, or repressed childhood, psychology stuff, i imagine...........

    kidding. you are probably Bi........... I have been with both and enjoy it as long as the other person fits what i am searching for. gender is irrelevant. ......aaaaannnnd - a definition of sexuality cannot be determined by random hormone literally may have been nothing.

    what do you want to be?

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    Only you can answer it yourself. Yes, guys experiment with other guys from time to time, it doesn't automatically make them gay. I mean, if you were completely intoxicated by alcohol and you showed love to another guy, you probably couldn't control yourself. Maybe he was gay and got you drunk on purpose so he could show love to you and you wouldnmt resist while under the influence of the alcohol. There are gays out there who do that. I don't do it, I completely respect people's orientation, no matter if I have feelings for them or not.

    Just because you had a one night thing doesn't make you gay. Kind of like when preteens have erections whilst around other boys and they panic thinking that they're gay. If you were in a serious romantic and sexual relationship with this guy then I would say otherwise.

    Personally, given the circumstances you were in. I think no. There's nothing for you to worry about
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    i just had a thought.
    i am not going to ask what you meant by "made-out" in a PG 13 forum..... i will just be safe and say "get tested"
    there, i am done...
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    Default Made out with a guy so am I gay?

    All it means is that you made out with a guy. Don't read anything into it, you were drunk.

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    "Why did I do it?"
    "Did I enjoy it?"
    "Do I want to do it again?"
    "Do I want to take it further?"
    "Do I even like guys?"
    "Do I still like girls?"

    One event in isolation is never going to give you an answer - even if you slept with the guy. It's about what you want in a partner that's ultimately going to give you the answer you're looking for.

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    If you think calling yourself gay fits you, then maybe you are. You might not be. It's really all up to you, how you feel, what you want in the future. You don't have to choose, but you can if you like, of course!

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    If you got an erection from it(or thinking about it) then you probably are flexible. I've never gotten aroused from a guy, so I can safely know I'm straight, not bi or anything.

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