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Thread: My fursona really cannot be drawn

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    Default My fursona really cannot be drawn

    Hey there furry folk! I've been thinking for a while....I like the idea of being a furry, and I definitely think I could be part of the furry community...It's just that my fursona has so many little parts to it, you could never draw it. It's sorta a Charmander, an Eevee, a Pikachu, a Buneary, a real-world cat, a real-world rabbit, a real-world hamster....Although the hamster is in the picture, if one of the parts of my furry appeared in real life it would be the cat, wearing a diaper with a tail hole. Coincidentally or not, this cat could almost be physically represented by my father's cat, Ariel (although I would NEVER put Ariel in a diaper)!

    This is just my "hello" to the furry community.

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    I'm sure you could find someone who couuld draw it as long as you were willing to pay.

    And welcome to the army of the fur.

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    Well, I am not an artist but I can give you some links that can help you

    KalArts - Commissions -

    Tsebresos- Home

    They are good artists, I hope they help you

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    You could be a shape shifter furry so you could be all those things

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    The economy is really hard on a lot of people right now. I'm sure that if you were to find a desperate artist and paid them a bit of money, they'd take you up on your offer. If you browse a bit on FurAffinity you're bound to find an artist willing to draw you.

    Just a bit of a warning, some artists will reject you because they don't want to draw Babyfurs. Just letting you know.

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    I like Maxicoon's idea of a shape-shifting furry That's neat!

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    Default My fursona really cannot be drawn

    Might also want to look into the transformation furries sub-community.

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    lol I cheated (sorta) and used Fursona Maker v2. The stuff available on the thing is pretty generic and unfortunately the leopard print spandex pants I wanted for mine are non existent, and I couldn't get a guitar either... oh well, maybe someday! At least he's got a leather jacket and some sweet 80's hair.

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    With a bit of all those Pokemon might look a bit out of place, but shapeshifter with variable species might do best as others have mentioned.

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