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Thread: What was your pivotal trigger moment?

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    Default What was your pivotal trigger moment?

    Though not all of us feel this way, many of us can point to a moment in time that we believe solidified us as ABDLs.
    For me, I think multiple factors contributed
    I have a far reaching memory that allows me to recall a time before i could even walk or talk
    I was potty trained very early on and kind of felt like i somehow missed out
    I was perhaps jealous of my new born sister
    These were all contributing factors that were latent in me, until when during early child hood i was placed on a medication called prednisone (it screws with your mind & bladder)to treat severe asthma. As a result of this I inexplicably lost bladder control three times in a singular week of school in the first grade. In an attempt to self medicate, i grabbed some of my toddler sister's pullups and found that i really loved them. From then on I have been obsessed. Anyways the experience of wetting myself, and my self medication forever imprinted this onto me.
    What I ask is, if you have one, what was your trigger moment?

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    I don't recall the moment in time where the desire to wear diapers first manifested itself. I do have a very early memory when i was around three or four years old. My infant brother and I shared a bedroom and I took one of his diapers and climbed under the bed to put it on. My mother caught me and made a big deal. I was horrified and embarrassed, of course, but obviously there was some desire before that.

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