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Thread: Buying diapers for Baby Girl

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    Default Buying diapers for Baby Girl

    Anybody know what kind of store bought diapers/pullups/goodnights, whaaatevers would fit a 33 and a half waist comfortably? I'd be buying from places like a Babies R Us, or Wal Mart.

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    In America the largest size diaper is rated a 6 (or perhaps the 7 is still around) and it can be forced to sort of fit if you are in the 30's size waist but it's not really fitting the way a diaper is meant to fit and it will not hold up well at all.

    Goodnites are larger and I think you can probably stretch those on but they won't feel like a diaper really at all and they leak.

    Your best option is go buy Depends Overnights sized S/M (Unisex) which will fit perfectly. The sticky part of the straps sometimes get's stuck and you have to play with it to get the white part off so you can use them, and the straps lose stickiness very easily so you have to have clean hands. People claim to have had leaks but I personally only leak from depends after going a lot and It's usually pretty easy to tell when you are hitting your limit for the diaper. If you really have a problem with leaks for some reason you can always throw a baby diaper or incontinent pad in for extra protection.

    My walmart just rolled back the price on them down to $10.96 for 20 diapers!!!!!

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