Figured I'd post this on Mature topics just to be on the safe side, as it does include some 18+ topics... I normally would have posted this as a True short story otherwise.

So Anyways,
I've been interested in diapers since I was about 10, and by the time I could drive, I went out and bought my first pack of Underjams. I tried my best not to make It a constant habit, but would only buy them as a reward when I had a good semester, etc... well last summer, my mom was snooping around somehow found my stash in my backpack buried in the back of my closet. Dad came and busted me, and I was able to talk my way out of it claiming it was probably a prank from some guy in my college class that hated me. He bought it and dropped the subject.

Fast forward to this last Sunday.

My parents came down to visit (this is after I moved out), and I had bought a pack of Goodnites the week before but still had a few left. It was a surprise visit, so I had no time to double check that my stash was properly secured.
My mom got snooping around and even though my house is very clean, its never clean enough for her. She was digging through my closet again for god knows why, and found my stash again in a box underneath some old college paperwork. Yet again, she had my dad bust me, and with no excuse as to why they were in the box, I came clean and told him about my diaper fetish (behind closed doors and out of earshot of my mom). He asked me the "usual questions" and about Pedophiles, etc. I couldn't explain why I liked them, but told him everything I could (Minus the fact that I was DL, because
I knew he'd keep pestering me otherwise). I told him that my fetish could have been a result of my non-existent love life and possible loneliness(which are both real problems I've had). I pretty much put my entire philosophy on life before him, hoping he could help. I also told him that I had tried to shake the habit many times without success (which was true until I found out about ADISC last year). I asked him If he thought a Shrink might help, and he said he didn't know. We decided to leave it at that.

Fast forward again to Today.
He brought the subject up again, but this time it was different. He basically gave me "The Talk" Which surprised me because he hadn't when I was still a teenager years ago. He then did something I never would have imagined in a million years. He went into his car and grabbed a PLAYBOY magazine and a pack of Trojans 0_0. I knew that this was probably one of those "Father-Son" moments where your dad buys you your first Playboy and looks through it with you, but it just showed me a side of my dad that I had never imagined before. My dad is pretty much all business so seeing him with a Playboy was just weird. After the rest of the talk, the vibes I got kinda said he'd rather have me jacking of to some HOT chicks in a magazine than to the thought of wearing diapers, which I can definitely see his logic in that. I'm really hoping this was his only attempt to get me to change habits. I'm still bracing myself for the possibility of my mom making me see a Therapist, but only time will tell. I'm amazed at how well he took this whole situation and I hope my parents will just look the other way about my AB/DL ism. My dad and I have always been really tight and do everything together, but after last Sunday, I couldn't bear the thought of knowing that he knew. I now feel much better after today, and have been reassured that I can still look at my dad and know he's not looking at me as a DL, but as a son.

Sorry for the novel, but that's pretty much my entire life story as a DL up to today. Will Goblue's Mother make him see the shrink? Stay Tuned!