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Thread: HEY YOU, ART PEOPLE! I Have a challenge!

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    Default HEY YOU, ART PEOPLE! I Have a challenge!

    I would like a profile pic that represents my personal likeness. Firs know that you get nothing but the honor of being chosen. There will be no payment, just victory. It's all for fun
    What is the challenge?
    Chibify me (could also do reg. anime pic), without any photo

    my physical description,
    brown hair/short cut, brown eyes, boxy hipster glasses, 19 year old male, clean cut often formal

    fell free to include things such as; ABDL accessories, my violin, any manor of clean cut or childish dress, pokemon, or whatever
    make me look good
    Ready set DRAW!

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    Ummm, maybe tomorrow... MAAAYYYYBE

    I went google searching and found this: LINK All I did was search 'brown hair anime boy' and skimmed the Google Image results until I found that. Why not try that?

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    So, an art request is a request for someone to do you a favor. Such requires them to apply their time and skills for no compensation - and people who take requests get a lot more requests than they can reasonably complete, meaning that even if they enjoy requests, there needs to be some reason to do yours rather than others in their limited time.

    Thus, this approach is unlikely to work.

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    true enough, figured its worth a shot. I'd endorse them i suppose but you do have a point.

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    Anime, shmanime. You gotta go with your true identity! Commission an artist to do a realism portrait!

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