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    Red face Help me choose!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post for a while.

    So here's the deal. I want you to help me choose the best diapers available for me. My parents are going away for a week soonish. Therefore, I will have the house to myself, and I will seize this opportunity to buy some real, adult diapers! Here, in Sweden, you can't buy them in a physical store - you will either have to get a prescription from an apothecary or buy them online. I choose the latter.

    The most important features in a diaper for me is:
    - Large Capacity
    - Unleakyness
    - Thickness (more is better!)
    in that order, from most to least important.

    Here's the assortment on the website:
    - Molicare Super
    - Molicare Super Plus
    - Abri-Form 2 Super
    - Abri-Form 3 Extra
    - Abri-Form Air Plus 4
    - Attends Regular 10
    - Attends Regular Plus 10
    - Tena Slip Maxi
    - Tena Slip Plus
    - Tena Slip Super
    - Lille Healthcare Classic Fit

    Here's the link to the website, if anyone is interested: Allt-i-ett -
    It's in swedish, though.
    If you have another good webstore that sells diapers in Sweden, tell me!

    Thanks a lot!

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    Of those, only a few are available in the US, but I highly enjoy the Molicare Super Plus. Comfy stretchy plastic, solid tapes and oh my do they hold. Not quite as good as an Abena X-Plus, but darn close.

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    Abena air plus 4 is the best in terms of your 3 preferences, but it is also cloth backed which is less than ideal for most abtbdls. If you want plastic, then I would go with Tena Maxi which are almost as good as Abena 4 in terms of thickness, continence (non-leaky), and capacity. Molicare super plus would be my third choice: they are quite absorbent and also leak free, but they are pretty thin for such a premium diaper and also stiff.

    Hope you have fun.

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    Another vote for the Abina X-plus M4's. Or even the M3's, depending on how thick you want them.

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    Hey! Thanks for the input. I found a website that sells Abena M4's, so I will buy 2x14 there. Cheers!

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    Molicare Super plus will give you better overall results.
    Abriform X-Plus are good, but their absorbant core is less effective on re-wets.
    Molicare handle flooding better.

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