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Thread: Target (New) Circo Sleepers Real Review

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    Default Target (New) Circo Sleepers Real Review

    I am 6' about 185lbs..

    I have owned many of the cherokee sleepers and overall they fit me. The arm length on the cherokee was a little short but I didn't care.. The shoulders were always a little tight but would stretch after a few wears.. Also the crotch area on the cherokee was a little high and ride up my butt/crotch but again would stretch eventually but honestly it was always a little tight in certain positions.

    I bought the XL Circo Spaceship Sleeper yesterday. As soon as I got home I put it on and I was surprised, happily.. The fit is way better them the cherokee. The crotch area is lower so it doesn't ride up.. The arm length actually fits and doesn't ride up.. Shoulders are still a little tight but that will stretch like the cherokee..

    The overall feel and quality is just as good as the cherokee.. Definitely worth the $12.99..

    Wanted to add I have seen many post about going to Target to check if the Circo Sleepers are in stock.. You can go to find the sleepers and then check the availability of the sleepers at the Targets around you. That's what I did and the store had exactly what the website said they would have.

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    We match :-)

    My target order came yesterday. I bought two sleepers thinking I would need to modify one to fit better but, these new Circo sleepers have the inches in the right places,.
    Much more comfortable than the cherrokee sleepers sizing.
    They are still snug in the crotch with a diaper on so, I may add a little material to the crotch patch. But overall AWESOME!

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    I agree these are better then the cherokee.. Everything that was wrong with cherokee sizing has been fixed on the Circo. I'm really happy the crotch area is lower because the cherokees were very uncomfortable at times when they would ride up..

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    They are defiantly worth it, and I have 3 of the new ones, and four of the Cherokee ones, and I'm probably not going to get any of the new ones, because the rest of the new ones look too much like the older ones.

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    Lucky kids! I am not... enormously overweight, but I'm chunky enough to know that these would never fit me lol I wanted to say that I found THIS: Men's Batman Union Suit with Cape - Black : Target and almost died from the amount of squeeing I just did. There's even matching SOCKS! with CAPES! *flail* ... anyhow, they have superman too but pfft...

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    That batman suit looks awesome! Would definitely be down to get that eventually. Anyway, on to the sleepers...

    They are freaking great! I'm 6 feet and weigh about 150lbs-160lbs (so on the skinnier side) and the shoulders/feet (I have pretty big feet, 12's to be precise)/crotch are slightly tight, but it's still extremely comfortable and after using it only 3 times, I can already feel it stretching so it fits better. My only concern is when/if it shrinks when I wash it. I'm just hoping I can stretch it as much as possible before I need to wash it, and then when it shrinks I can just wear it and stretch it out again. Overall, worth well more than the $13 they ask for and if you're 6 feet and "average sized" or less, it's worth giving them a shot.

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    I can't wait to find some of the new designs at ebay!! We have no target stores in Mexico. About sizing; the latest XL sleepers are really big on me. As mexican I'm not very big and not very tall. So i can fit into them as if i were a kid. I love them and i noticed that you enjoy them as i do

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    Can't wait to see Target open in Canada (they should open some stores in 2013 if I'm right) if we are lucky, they will probably offer the same stuff) sometimes its not the case, like Wal-Mart often have a load of stuff in USA that aren't and would never ever be sold in Canada even in my wildest dreams...

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    When I first put it on ,I was like OMG !!!!! I Shrunk !!!! w00t!
    then I came to my senses

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    I don't have the bravery of getting a sleeper. I know my roomate and my parents and family would judge and not approve.

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