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Thread: Which is your favorite Final Fantasy or RPG in General?

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    Default Which is your favorite Final Fantasy or RPG in General?

    Well lately I've been playing Final Fantasy 4 (It's my personal favorite I think out of all of them besides 6) a lot lately and I was wondering what's your favorite Final Fantasy game or your Favorite RPG in General?

    I'd have to say my absolute favorite RPG of all time is Tales of Phantasia, with the Final Fantasy games in a close second.


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    omg...what a question.... uhhh, not stating anything but JRPGS - Xenogears, Xenosaga, Xenoblade, Tales of The Abyss and Tales of Vesperia, Anything Kingdom Hearts, Digital Devil Saga, Persona 3 and 4, Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 4, 6 (3), 7, 9 and 12, skies of arcadia, Blue Dragon, Dark Cloud 1 and 2, Star Ocean 2 and 3, Vagrant Story, Legend of Dragoon, - The list goes on and on.

    My favorite though..... The Xeno series. It speaks to me in many existentially provocative ways.

    My favorite FF is definitely 7 because i played it when it came out....a lot. Pure childish nostalgia overwhelms my jaded, hipster mentality of, "Oh you're that guy who has Cloud brooding as his avatar, you must be a deep and intellectual gamer, lol." I hate people who think that FF7 is lame and ill designed because of its overwhelming popularity and connection to other media and story-lines. I rolled the clock over 99.99 a few times. I was obsessed with it before most people at my middle school new who Cloud and Sephiroth were. I would come in raving about it and most other kids were like, "whatev". Then from the early to late 2000's, it became ridiculously popular. Sephiroth and Uchiha Madara are the references my freinds and I make to anything when we make sarcastic comments about "unstoppable forces and immovable objects"....inside jokes...ahhh....I'll love the feeling and atmosphere of that game as much as i love my diapers for the rest of my life. I say good.
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    My favorites have always been the original PC Baldur's Gate series, with probably Baldur's Gate 2 being the best. As an old school p&p rpg gamer I've never understood how anyone thinks half these games (mainly Diablo etc) count as proper RPG's though lol

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    My favorite rpg is one you play on the computer. It's called crystal saga, where you fight monsters on a quest to find shards of the legendary life crystal. If you want to play, go to LeKoOl - LeKool The Best Webgame Spot! and go to it there [ if you want any help, you must go in through here. There are different games on different sites] create an account and start playing. Try to get an application for the guild Generations, which I am proud owner of. This message was all done on a 3ds I got for christmas

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    Torchlight is the best I've played I suppose.

    Pokemon's nice but basic. Mass Effect 2 and 3 is less of a RPG then borderlands. In combat anyhow and the choices get slightly railroaded in the end.

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    While strict adventure RPG's aren't my favourite genre, one of my favourite games fits in that category and has already been mentioned... Chrono Trigger. I haven't actually completed it yet, despite having started about 6 different times over 15 years on 3 different platforms (pure SNES, Playstation or PS2 version and emulated SNES) and sinking over a hundred hours in it most likely. What an emotional and mental roller coaster that game is. I'm sure it learned all its tricks from the Final Fantasy series which I also love to a lesser degree, but for me it's a tremendous experience.

    I always intended on going back and trying the Baldur's Gate series, but I never got around to it, the time investment in playing looks pretty steep and I tend to have a pretty short attention span most of the time... I love Oblivion and Morrowind technically speaking, but I haven't been able to invest the time it takes to delve into them (I have 15 hours in Oblivion, and I'm pretty sure I'm still near the beginning of the game) I'm sure Skyrim would be the same for me. That dates back to the Ultima games back in the day (7 and 8), games I wanted to love but just couldn't because Doom was destroying my brain cells with each demon slayed.

    I have to add - I just bought a cute little game called FTL which is eating up my time like mad - and it's basically a very light RPG with a spaceship and little crew... absolutely time-sucking though, I adore it.

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    My favorite Final Fantasy would have to be 8. I just enjoy how different it plays compared to the rest of the series, not to mention the characters are all great. My favorite RPG (technically, this is an adventure-RPG hybrid, but whatever) of all time, however is Tomba! (exclamation point mandatory). It's so quirky and fun, and I can't believe more people didn't play it when it first came out.

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    I am a major Final Fantasy VII fanboy, what can I say.

    When Aerith died, I cried. The first and ONLY video game to ever make me cry while I played it.

    Being a major gamer especially retro and RPG style, you name it, I have played it. But FF7 is my favorite, no matter how much people may hate me for it.

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    Final Fantasy VII is the best, but IX was my favorite.

    Final Fantasy VIII was really bizarre. Its unlike any other storyline I can think of. The bosses were challenging, which was nice.

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