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Thread: New goodnites/drynites

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    Default New goodnites/drynites

    Has anyone else noticed that these new ones smell very good when taken out of package? Also the old ones smelled very bad when wet but now I just keep sniffing my used drynites because of how good they smell

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    I bought some yesterday... yes, they smell different, much more pleasant.

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    Yes, the newer ones smell heavenly IMO. Probably has to do with the odor-control stuff, but it smells great. The new Tinker Bell ones, especially.

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    they smell so much better! don't know if its just me, but i think there more crinkly than other dynites which is a good thing !

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    They definitely smell more freshly scented and really crinkly when most of the pseudo-cloth is off the nappy or it is really soaked.

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