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Thread: Abena Bodystocking Sizing

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    Default Abena Bodystocking Sizing

    A quick question for those who have one, what's the sizing like?

    I have 32" waist and would use a Medium Abri Fom M4, but it looks like I'm inbetween the small and medium for the body stocking but its hard to tell as they only give you hip measurement. I'm quite skinny and only about 5'3" so not sure which one to get for a snug fit.


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    I have a waist size of around 27"(About 5'6") and I ended up buying the small size. It will shrink quite a bit when you wash/dry it, but I have never had issues with it not fitting afterward.

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    thay dont make them any more
    Actually, xpmedical has begun to sell another type of body stocking. It's made by a company called 4care, and they seem to be similar to the original "abena" body stocking.

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    thanks, so probably best to go with same size as diaper size then?

    A few places still have stock so thought id get one whilst they're still available!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmon6969 View Post
    thay dont make them any more
    Yes they do -- I bought one recently and they're still advertised on suppliers' sites.

    I'm about a 30" waist, 5'10" tall and the mediums are best for me. They feel comfortably roomy to start and then gradually shrink the first few times you wash them. They say to allow for 10% shrinkage... Actually, after a few washes the mediums feel a little tight... but I think large would be too big...

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    what places have them

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    As far as I'm aware they do still make the bodystocking. I think there were rumours about it being discontinued but I don't think it was worldwide. They seem to be readily available in Europe as shown by the list of retailers posted by Tiny.

    They're very stretchy but they also shrink when washed for the first few times. They seem to come up a bit on the small side anyway, so if you're between sizes I'd be inclined to say you should order the one that is larger.

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    The KCK link is clearly a closeout sale, as they have only two sizes left in one style. Looks like Abena isn't importing them into the US anymore.

    I purchased a Large 4Care onesie from XP Medical - I'm 6'1"/190 and after laundering/drying, it's... just about perfect, perhaps a tad on the small side (you have to really stretch it to fit over an XPlus or Moli Super Plus), but I think XL would end up being a bit too large.

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    I got the medium from incontinence choice, thanks for the help guys!

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    I bought one from XPMed and like it. The material is thick but soft. The crotch is extra soft padded with three snaps that LOOK like they won't stay snapped but DO. The only complaint if you can call it that is I think I ordered a little too small. Remember it has to accommodate a diaper, so you will need a little more crotch size. So order on the large end if you're borderline on their sizing.

    Oh also, it's a "wife beater" tank top. Can get a little chilly, not a lot there for warmth.

    Final thoughts... VERY hard to adjust your diaper once you're in it. Say the front folds over and you want to straighten... very hard to access without unsnapping. But it completely eliminates diaper sagging, and does a good job of holding the cuffs of your diaper in place in the crotch.

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