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    Default dejavu ?

    hy my friends,

    i got this strange feeling that you get when you have a dejavu, nearly once a week, no matter what i see, sometimes im just soooo much sure it already happens some time ago and i remember it, but that couldnt be possible, because im no time traveler.

    but how can i feel like i remeber about something that happens right now when it feels like ive seen this a long tome ago ?

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    De ja vu is a very interesting phenomenon where the human brain creates a "event" in your head or a place, could be anything from visiting a building or sitting around a table talking with friends. When an event occurs that is similar to the one your brain created, the two overlap and gives you the feeling you have been there or done something before, even though you never have.

    Deja Vu Explained by Brain Research | Psych Central News

    This site can explain it better than I can, as I am no brain specialist.

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    De ja vu is a phenomenon where your perception gets routed to your memory center instead of where ever it normally goes. Thus you experience an event in real time, but through the perspective that that event has happened in the past. It may also be the result of highly mundane dreams or highly similar previous chains of events.

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