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Thread: Baby Powder Or Baby Oil

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    Default Baby Powder Or Baby Oil

    Just wondering what others use when diapered. Powder? Oil? Can you use both? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

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    I use powder only. I shake out a fair amount with every change. I like how it helps keep me dry. My last purchase of J&J powder I grabbed corn starch

    Somewhat by mistake. So will try it in a few days when this container runs out. Will find out if it makes any difference.

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    Go with Baby powder

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesTheFox88 View Post
    Just wondering what others use when diapered. Powder? Oil? Can you use both? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
    I've only mess with the oil a few times, and didn't really care for it. Now I will use a combination of lotion and powder. I've got pretty sensitive skin, and can get a diaper rash very easily.

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    oil can be warm, but messy and tends to screw up the adhesive on the tapes, from my experience. I use powder almost exclusively nowadays, excepting very special occasions.

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    Both are good but what you really need is diaper rash cream. diaper rash is among the most uncomfortable sensations known to man, so i highly recommend some type of diaper rash cream

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    A few times in the past when I've used oil, the diaper would occasionally tear along the leg gathers and it was extremely sticky. It took me about a minute to wash it off my hands. So I would recommend powder, although I just use regular corn starch(the actual cooking ingredient can thingy) as I don't have a lot of money, it feels the same as j&j corn starch powder and I haven't run into much skin irritation with it.

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    Am I the only one who doesn't use any sort of powder or oil? I've never had any problems with rash, and I've worn for like 10+ hours before and during physical activity. I take a shower afterwards and I'm okay. Maybe my skin is just invincibru?

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    I like baby powder the best. It's not so messy and cleans up easily.

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    I have never used oil. I use plenty of powder (corn starch type - feels much drier and more pleasant than talc) and I have diaper rash cream on hand just in case, though I've only needed to use it once.

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