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    Am a Southern Hemisphere 'unsure' - that is, I have diapers, but I'm not sure if I'm a TBDL. Decided to show up anyway.

    Got me my first pack of Depends Super Underwear this afternoon, supposed to actually be slightly more absorbent than their fitted briefs ... and pull-on, too! Think I have a method worked out of disposing of them - flush them.

    S'up, y'all?

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    DON'T, I REPEAT, DON'T FLUSH THEM! Diapers expand and when they will expand in your pipes and clog them really really bad.

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    Welcome, spherical one

    It's fun to wear diapers, but not fun to fish them out of waste pipes. Take heed of the above advice.

    Anyway, have fun here and look around for things that interest you.

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    Welcome to the site, Kaliborio! Your username is fun to say. ^_^

    You probably shouldn't flush diapers. As others have said, the toilet doesn't like it one bitty bit! Heck, I don't even think the toilet at my place would have enough suction to do the job.

    But whatevah. Hope you have a great time here!

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    Yeah, just realised about the flushing bit. My earlier assessment was based on space in the tubes.

    Anyway, thanks for the warm welcomes, guys!

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    it has to get through the toilet before it gets to the tubes... actually it says right on the pack DO NOT FLUSH.

    But anyways... try the briefs next time... I think you'll like them better.

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    I would, if there was a place that sold Large-size briefs in walking distance.

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