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    Hi everyone

    i am posting because i need some advice because next year i will be coming to the USA on holiday and i need some advice because im not bothered the security and stuff tthe only bits that bothers me about the flying is the fact that i wont be able to change easily on the plane because i realy need to lie down when changing. For the flights i am looking at wearing an abena L4 as i think that will cope the other thing that is playing on my mind about flying is the baggage limits as i need to fit 2 packs of nappies and 10 days worth of clothing in a case i was wondering if anyone has seen if you can get an extra bag for nappies for medical reasons for free

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    Im not sure about this because I do not frequently fly, but maby you could use a vaccume bag to carry your nappies. It would make it so you can carry them all with you without taking up too much space. I just want to be clear that I am not sure how security/customs react to these sorts of things. I do not know if it is allowed or not but I just wanted to snowball some ideas.

    Hope this helped,

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    I would order your supplies from Amazon and have them shipped to wherever yiu are staying. Then you can just worry about having enough for the flights. Most hotels will hold packages for you if you call and ask.

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    I work for an airline, and have never heard of a medical bag being allowed to be checked free of charge. The Customer Service agent would simply say, if its an important medical item, to carry it on board with you. Otherwise just check it.

    I agree with play, order your diapers, have them delivered to the hostel or hotel, or even a UPS store for them to hold, and you will pick up halfway through your trip.

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    The TSA allows incontinence supplies and is required to let you though with the utmost respect, but as for the bag you would need to talk to your airline if you wanted to check them though. As for carrying a bag on strictly for medical supplies, here is a link to their website TSA: Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions. Hope this helps.

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    You could always bring as many as you need and then order when you got to the states.

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