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Thread: Nappies & Opinions in the UK

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    Question Nappies & Opinions in the UK

    Morning All,

    I wear near enough 24/7 for medical and personal reasons, and am supplied by my local NHS trust "Molicare Super" (The purple ones). I grant you that they don't look nice, but they hold a fair amount, and if is wasn't for the stuffing breaking up and the awful sagging, they would be great.

    I wear Tena Maxi at night, but after wearing Molicare, I don't feel the security with Tena, as Molicare literally wrap all around your thighs as well.

    I have worn the Abena M4's (am a medium), but found they gaped around the back of my thighs and felt damp all day (anyone else find this?).

    So my question to you all is simply, WHAT is the BEST make of Nappy on the UK market and what reasons/opinions do you all have for this?

    Look forward to some good debate and hopefully the chance to try some other nappies.


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    Personally I haven't tried Molicare though the wings being padded does seem useful... Though I usually stick to alternating between Tena Maxi's and M4's. Each seem to have their own problems but then again most nappies have some kind of problem one way or another... best we can do is make do with what we have imho

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    My favourites are the Abena M3 and M4 because of comfort, fit, absorbency, they don't sag/stretch too much and the tapes hold in place. They come up higher than most on the waist, so boys can "point up" and still be protected. The latest ones wick liquid quicker than any other nappy I've tried...

    I also like the Tender Night range as they are thin and (because there's only elastic in the leg-cuffs) they hold in place very well, are very absorbent for their size, don't stretch, have an amazing plasticky feel (on the outside!), and they are plain white and somehow feel more babyish... Oh, and they're cheap!

    Attends Special Care 10 are very soft and comfortable too (although the plastic is thin and very noisy and the batch I have has the tapes positioned way too low, so I have to use duct tape to add an extra pair of tabs on mine!

    Cuddlz Bianco are comfortable, thick, absorbent, can be easily re-taped, but they are cut quite high around the legs so it's easier to walk in them without waddling, but this makes them a little prone to leaking well before reaching capacity...

    So long as they don't change, I'll stick to Tender and Abena, I think...

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    I really like Tena maxi because they fit really well and don't leak! :-)
    Although the cuddlz ab nappy is really cute and thick too

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    The problem you have with the Abenas makes me think you were wearing a size too big.

    I tried a couple of Cuddlz samples and found that while they were great for absorbency, the tapes are poor quality and snap off too easily.

    I use mainly Lille Healthcare because they're cheap but the problem with them is... they're cheap. Absorbency is pretty good but the backing isn't as waterproof as it needs to be and you can't wear them without plastic pants over them.

    I've recently tried Eurons (only available online from a very limited few places) and being plastic-backed they're better than Lille, but Abenas are still the best that I've tried so far. The only reason I don't wear them all the time is they're too expensive.

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