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Thread: Diaper like underwear?

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    Default Diaper like underwear?

    Is their any underwear that are like double padded without being training pants? I have only about a 29" waist. Any help, comments, or ideas would be, like always greatly appreciated.

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    Do you mean something like those new depends diapers that look like underwear?
    New DependŽ Incontinence Briefs for Men and Women

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    If you are looking for cloth search Ebay or Amazon for "Adult Baby Training Pants" Baby Pants Adult - My First Training Pants - Small Blue Dinosaur: Health & Personal Care

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    Sorry, I just saw the note that said, "without being training pants", I replied too fast.

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    Although there are several places where you can get grownup-size underpants that look like toddler training pants, I think you can find, if you look online, some places that sell extra thick and absorbent underpants that look more like grown-up style undies.

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    There is a brand called dribriefs I have bought them on ebay they are a padded adult underwear if that helps you any. They look like regular underwear.
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