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    I wanted to show everyone my vintage stroller. I can fit in it and love getting pushed around in it. If anyone has vintage baby gear, don't donate it, it will get crushed and dumped into a landfill because goodwill and other thrift store can not sell them because of the laws. Instead, find a someone who appreciate it, like a collector.
    I hate to see vintage strollers and car seats getting destroyed when they are getting harder and harder to find.
    Vintage Stroller (1990s) - YouTube

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    Those strollers were alot stronger and less complicated that some of the newer ones you see now. Cool find.

    Also i love that you have that Fisher-price play set I remember having that when i was small!

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    Nice vintage Graco stroller you found there, pamperchu! Did you find it at a yard/garage sale? At first glance I thought it might have been made by the Welsh Co. of St. Louis, until I saw the Graco name. The older Gracos did have more metal in their construction and are sturdier strollers IMO. I'll bet you enjoy being pushed around in it...I would too!

    You think the fate of vintage baby gear items is bad here in the US, I have a friend in Australia who told me about a salvage operation near him run by a woman. She throws older strollers and other baby gear items into what she calls a "burn pit" after pulling off the wheels.{shudder} Then she sets them all on fire to burn off the upholstery fabric. The remaining metal is hauled off as scrap for it's value. Doesn't matter to her whether the older stroller or other items still are in safe and usable condition or not...into the burn pit they go. I can just picture her standing over the burn pit holding a pitch fork in her hand, with a sinister laugh the whole time the strollers burn.

    The friend I mentioned is an avid pram collector and refurbisher, who many times donates his refurbished prams to women's shelters and other charities helping single parents, so the thought of how many nice salvageable prams met their end in the pit made him feel sick.


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    wow that is wayy too cool. i wish they would bring back those nice rigid designs!

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    There was a brand new in the box car seat from the 70s on ebay a while back. The listing disappeared before it ended due to liability concerns! I tried so hard to get that seat with no luck.

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    Yea pamperchu,s baby museum vintage baby products from your babyhood:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by classicseats View Post
    There was a brand new in the box car seat from the 70s on ebay a while back. The listing disappeared before it ended due to liability concerns! I tried so hard to get that seat with no luck.
    That's a shame you couldn't have gotten the seller to reason on selling it to you. If I were to sell one on ebay, I'd just be sure to note that it's a collectible item only, doesn't meet current Federal safety standards, and should not be used under any circumstances to restrain a child in a moving vehicle. Far as I know there's no law forbidding the sale of out-of-date baby gear items to be used solely for the purpose of collecting them.


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    It's a shame donated items often just get "ragged" (this is what we call it in the charity shop that I do volunteer work for) - also, soft toys without the CE/safety mark label get "ragged" too, we're not allowed to sell them.
    We think it's stupid and know lots of soft toys only need shoving in a washing machine or something and they're fine, regardless of labels/tags, but it's policy/rules - however nobody really minds if us volunteers grab any we especially like on the rare occasion.

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    I have my old one that is almost exactly like that but different colors. I can still sit in mine but the seat belt doesn't go around anymore.

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    I remember those. I'd say it's from 1990-1992. They used to have those small baskets at the bottom. My mom had a stroller like that for me but the bars were silver and it was also a Graco.

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