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Thread: I feel like I almost want to get caught.

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    Default I feel like I almost want to get caught.

    It's an odd feeling, thinking for years "what you would say" in case you are caught, and you are always ready to say it if you need to, but the time never comes. Little by little, I start slipping away, wearing in public more often, becoming more lazy about hiding the diapers-- leaving them out on top of my bed partially showing under the blankets while people freely come into my room. It seems no one notices anything if they aren't expecting anything-- and I almost feel like I just want to have that opportunity to tell a person the excuses I've been waiting to tell in an emergency.

    I know a lot of you are experienced diaper users here, and was wondering if any of you have felt/do feel similarily about this. If so, did it ever lead to you getting caught sometime down the road? If so, how did that make you feel? Did you feel regretful? or Proud?

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    i'm curious to hear your excuses. i need to come up with some good ones.

    pretend i just walked in on you wearing a diaper. "my god, the-ownage! is that a... a diaper?" what do you say?

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    I kinda had that feeling a while ago but it passed.

    I would be like, "Oh my god I am in a diaper...come on in."

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    Sure, I've had those feelings before. But for myself I believe they were just "at the moment" type of emotional feeling inside. Like I thought about the fantasy of "Wow, it would be awesome to get caught while in diapers, or having someone see one of my diapers laying around" but then reality comes around, and I think "Well, actually that would kind of suck if others (who weren't my friends) knew.

    Again, I think it's just like an emotion that sounds good, but then again you don't necessarily act upon it in the long run.

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    I have told some people that I wear diapers... I've shown them my changing bag just to prove it. The subject of why I wear them never really came up. You inform someone you are in diapers... they can draw what conclusions they will by themselves... most will assume that it is a medical condition and let the subject drop. You can even leave diapers out on your bed or with your clothes or whatever... and 99% of people will completely ignore it if they saw anything at all.

    You don't ask someone why they wear glasses... you don't gawk at a person with crutches, or someone in a wheelchair, or an elderly person with a walker or cane... it's just not done. It would be considered rude and extremely impolite to even bring the subject up... same goes for a person who wears diapers. After all... the fetish aspect of it is probably the last thing on someone's mind... especially if they just see the diaper.

    Now if you add some other kinky objects to the mix... a paci, a collar, maybe a restraint of some kind... you'll probably raise some eyebrows. But just the diaper itself... no.

    It is much akin to the principle of Ockham's Razor... "The simplest solution is the most likely."

    Now to the mind of an outsider which is easier to believe... that an individual wears diapers because they have a bladder/bowel control problem and require protection (what the diapers were designed for)... or that they are a fetishist and derive some kind of pleasure or enjoyment from having thick padding taped around their waist and having no choice but to use it for their bodily functions just like an infant does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    You don't ask someone why they wear glasses... you don't gawk at a person with crutches, or someone in a wheelchair, or an elderly person with a walker or cane... it's just not done. It would be considered rude and extremely impolite to even bring the subject up...
    Couldn't uh said it better myself Finny.

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    Half of the time I'm wondering if people even notice what you're trying to show them. Like if you leave a diaper out in the open on your bed, how many of your friends would even recognize a diaper as one? I'm willing to bet that less than 100% of all college students would be aware of the fact that adult diapers even exist. Even less would know what they look like, so unless you put a flashing neon sign onto the diaper saying "This is an adult diaper", a large number of people would think it's some rectangular item wrapped in a white plastic bag.
    The same goes for diapers on people's butts - who can tell it's a diaper if only an inch is sticking out your pants? May as well be some fancy type of underwear (I meant the non-absorbent kind )


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    I got caught, and honestly, don't do it by purpose.

    It was one off the worse moments off my life, my mum looked like she was having a nervous break down! She said i was going to see somebody, and threatened to tell my real dad etc.

    It's not good, she threw them in the bin, then the next day when she left the house, i went to get a few. Then she saw me through the garage door . So yea, i was caught twice in two days.

    Honestly, if anyone out there want's to get caught, please don't! I am lucky, my mum was easily convinced it was a short weird phase i was going through. God help me if i get caught again, nearly was this week . Don't do it!


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    You do want to experience the fail.

    Ask me, or Kalashnikov, about it.

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