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    Default ABC London

    Hey Guys,

    I was at the ABC club in london this weekend and met loads of cool people who
    said they used this site, would love to have a chat if it was you :-)

    Reckon there's a good audience for a Northern ABC night? :-p

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    What is the ABC Club? When does this happen? How many nights?

    Could someone maybe send me a Personal Message with details? I work in London one day a week, and would be very interested in attending.

    M x

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    Hi, Chris. Glad you could make it.

    A northern ABC would certainly be a thing I would like to see happen.

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    I went to a site meeting there a while ago... but with lacking income, travel to London is an issue for me so can't really get up there much... Hopefully in a couple of months I should have a better income and possibly be able to get up there more often hehe >(^.^)<

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    What is the ABC London? is it like a ABDL gathering?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddy View Post
    What is the ABC London? is it like a ABDL gathering?
    It's a nightclub in the basement of a bar. I think it's usually caters for a gay crowd, but one night a month is ABC (Adult Baby Club) night.

    I've been tempted to go (but I'm a bit shy) and it's for "members only", so you have to pay 25 membership then 10 entrance fee, then buy your drinks on top of that! If it costs me 20 in train fares, I could easily end up spending 75 for a few drinks in a bar... Ouch....

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    Yeah it can get quite expensive the first time you go.... The drinks seemed reasonably priced (for London)...

    There was a mixed crowd there but people seemed friendly and not afraid to show their padded bums!
    Quattrus - were we chatting or was there another Italian knocking around?!

    Anthony - Ab's take over Manchester? :-p

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    I was there too. It was an all male crowd and females come very rarely. People are quite friendly but there didn't seem to be much in the way of entertainment apart from a bouncy castle, so was a bit boring.

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    This sounds pretty good. There needs to be a club up North too

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