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Thread: Found Out The Gender!

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    Default Found Out The Gender!

    Hey guys so I don't know how many of you know about me being pregnant with my bambino but I'm exactly 16 weeks today and I had my gender ultrasound. We did the Wives Tales and they said boy. But this thing called IntelliGender said girl.





    =D We are so excited. And we'll be naming him Sebastian Robert.

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    Congrats! You must be so excited. Good luck to you and your soon to be baby boy!
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    Congrats, Sebastian sounds like a really cool name.

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    Congratulations! I wish you all the luck in the world (don't worry, it regenerates almost instantaneously, so the rest of us should be fine).

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    Default Re: Found Out The Gender!


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    gratz, thats a really nice name

    only best wishes for you

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    congrats on the boy and awesome name by the way

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