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Thread: Anyone for DOOM?

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    Default Anyone for DOOM?

    This has to be my favorite of all time series of games. There isn't a version That I don't like. I recently got more into the WAD file mods and conversions. When I tried these in my younger years, I wasn't computer literate enough to make them work right.

    I have always prefered the N64's version of doom but enjoyed the sound effects from SNES doom better. The darker, eerie look of doom 64 just fit in better in my opinion. I recently started fooling around with the total conversion for doom 64 named Absolution. It's quickly become my favorite game/mod

    So anyways, whats your favorite doom game, and, or mods? And what do you like about them?

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    Wasn't the SNES version the slow but adorable cousin of the proper Doom ports? I actually owned it back in the day, more for the awe factor in how it actually ran on that long obsolete hardware.

    As for proper Doom played on a PC, it will always hold a cozy spot in my heart, and thanks to other nerdier people having cozy spots for it in their hearts, I've enjoyed it without it making my eyes bleed or brain melt thanks to projects like DoomsDay. I think my favourite Doom game is probably Doom 2 - It may have been a bit easier than the first, but it was also the first Doom I actually beat, and the double-barrel shotgun, and those screeching burning demons were pretty freaky at the time. Though I have to say the actual ending scene with the bunny in the original was pretty amazing... they really did a lot with a little back in the day.

    I should have played Doom 3 more when it came out - I played it, kind of enjoyed it, but it was about the same time that Half Life 2 was out and I was enthralled with that one so it fell by the wayside.

    I haven't played a Doom mod in years - I really only remember some random Trek mods that were considered 'epic at the time'. This topic does remind me of a YouTube video I just recently saw that should remind us of how far we've come - but also how much we've lost along the way:

    If Doom was Done Today
    If Doom was done today - YouTube

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    I loved Doom 1 & 2 back in the day, even if my first experience was the 32x port of the original which had pretty awful sounds. Is Doom 3 worth playing? I never bothered with it when it first came out

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    I have doom on my website


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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    I have doom on my website

    Verrrry cool, though they switched the shoot and door open buttons... I shall blame that for my death near the end of level 2

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    Doom 1 & 2 on the pc of course, the way they should be played . They have a mod for doom 2, the name escapes me. It makes the game much more intense, and bloody. Quite a lot of fun.

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    Doom 3 scared me pretty bad as a kid, especially the random darkness parts. It's the only one I've played, but I liked it.

    Have they made any Doom games for the 360? I'd like to see one of those monsters in high def graphics.

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    I just watched "if doom was done today". I got a couple good laughs out of it. The explosives dlc thing was best. It reminds me of why I hate recent games.

    Take the game "space marine" for example. Fun game. The game is like 60 dollars though and thats for a game that was literally half finished. To get the rest of the game, you have to buy it as "DLC". What a crock of shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottibear View Post
    The game is like 60 dollars though and thats for a game that was literally half finished. To get the rest of the game, you have to buy it as "DLC". What a crock of shit.
    This is why I'll never buy Battlefield 3. Its a kick ass game, but you need to have a special code to use the multiplayer feature. My friend and I were ready to have an awesome weekend playing Battlefield, but then we realized that you need a code to play it on Xbox LIVE. Anybody who doesn't buy the game is going to go through the same realization.

    When they do, I guarantee that they won't be buying it over MW3. Hehe. Plus, that has co-op multiplayer.

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    Falkio, no they haven't made a new DOOM game since 3 for the X-Box, although there was talk of a DOOM 4 for the 360/PS3 at one point, but it just stayed that way as talk only!! It's a shame that it did, as games like Gears of War, Halo, Borderlands, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Battlefield & others wouldn't be around without DOOM & Wolfenstein coming out!!

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