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    Hi there, i'm Mint.

    I'm a 22 year old cis-female who identifies as a 4 year old female.
    My reasoning for joining is confusing. I don't really know what draws me to diapers, I guess more curiosity than anything. I have a psychological issue that makes me feel like I always have to potty even if I just emptied my bladder and don't really need to go again, and I just purchased my first diapers to see if they can help give me my life back. Even though I haven't had any accidents yet, the fear keeps me from doing lots of things.
    Outside of this I spend a lot of time working, playing video games (lately Aion, and lots of random PS3 games too), learning about body modification, watching Doctor Who, and making wishlists, haha.
    Anyway, i'm glad to be here and hope to learn lots.

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    Hi Mint,
    Glad to join this site!From ur thread ,I guess ur a very outgoing girl,I will feel very happy if u can mak friends with me.
    PS:I am from People's Republic of China .
    Lucky you Mint,

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    Welcome! Hope your enjoy your stay. From what I have seen so far, this is a great place and great source of comfort. That is knowing that you are not alone in this strange attraction. See you around .

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    Hi There,

    Hope you enjoy the Forum. You may have a condition called Lazy Bladder, which is what I have and why i need to wear nappies! Hope this helps?

    Matt x

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