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    Hi! I just got my license, so I was recently able to purchase my first bag of adult diapers. But unfortunately, the store I went to was very limited and at the time I had to be home within 10 minutes so I was so desparate I grabbed a bag of depends because it was the only brand with a small. and it's the stupid gray pullups that only hold one wetting. I'm going to the store again tomorrow and need to know what brand is the best for white, plastic backed, taped diapers, that can preferably hold 2 or more wettings. I could care less if they're very crinkly or not crinkly at all. Thanks very much!

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    Unfortunately, you're going to have a hard time finding a diaper in a store that will fulfill those reasonable expectations. Plastic backed diapers are rare in stores and thick ones with any kind of backing are even rarer. Depends Fitted Maximum Protection aka Depends Protection with Tabs used to be pretty common, and while their capacity was not high, they fit most of what you asked for and you could presumably double them up to increase capacity (just make sure to poke holes or cut slits in the inner diaper to allow drainage). I do still see these around but they're nowhere near as common as they were. Anything worthwhile is going to be had online, so you may want to make use of your license to pick up items at a UPS store after having them shipped there if home delivery isn't desirable.

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    check your local phone book for medical supply stores , call ahead ask what brands they stock and what they can order , most will even put your purchases in a plain box if you ask.

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