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Thread: Listening to running water leads to accidents

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    Default Listening to running water leads to accidents

    When I hear running water, from a hose or tap or waterfall,I often feel the need to pee. More often than not I end up peeing myself. I am virtually incontinent now and wear protection all the time, but water seems to be a trigger. Does it happen to anyone else?

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    Not only does it happen, it's a recognized technique for helping people with urination problems.

    In nursing homes they play water sounds or run water. When you get tested for drugs and a witness has to be present they often run the water to help your body to get you to pee.

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    Yup. I call it "washing-up disease" becaue it always strikes me when I start to wash the dishes.

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    I did it a little while ago when I was filling my dishpan. It happens to me more often than not. I usally have it happen only when I fill my water pitcher out of my

    shower head. It dosen't bother me anyother time I run water.

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    I have a drip coffee maker and in the morning when I add the water to the filter, even if I can't feel the need to pee, when the coffee starts to tinkle into the pot I'll wet my diaper. I don't know when I first noticed this but I've been doing it for years.

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    Yeah, I know the feeling. It`s worse when I have repaied a customers washingmachine and it needs testing. Great a short wash or a rinse and a spin. Fantastic when I decide it might be safe and I did not wear a diaper that day.

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    Yes for me too...also for some reason, pumping gas is another huge trigger for me. If I am diapered at the time, I will almost uncontrollably wet it.

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    I am so thankful that I am diapered all the time cause like the others have said, running water, washing dishes, washing my hands, pumping gas, and just about anything dealing with liquids causes me to lose total bladder control.
    It's sort of like a domino effect, start one liquid pouring and then mine starts pouring, lol.

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    did any of you see the mythbusters epissode they did on this ?

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