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Thread: carseats for adults

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    Default carseats for adults

    lets say you find your "mommy/daddy" and they decide to let you do your fantasy on one condition, you must ride in a carseat whenever you are with them.
    any suggestions on where you would find a carseat that would fit an adult?

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    Good luck! there are some really cool looking racing seats with harnesses and all...they look pretty much like a baby car seat.

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    I'd love a car seat... (and a loving "parent" with a car, of course)...

    The problem is that, as an adult, there isn't the room to fit a carseat on top of the existing seat... Maybe a "special needs harness" thingy would be as close as you could get... or some kind of moulded seat that doesn't take up any noticeable vertical space:

    E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest for Family Vehicles | Adaptive Car Seats | e-Special Needs
    Burnett Car Supports

    Or just get a racing seat with five-point harness...?

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    Some of the larger seats that have a 5 point harness and convert to a belt positioning booster can work. Depending on your size of course. I have a leather eddie bauer that i made the harness longer and i can strap myself fully in. Now i just need a willing mommy to do it for me, oh a minivan has more head room. Also, wouldnt want to be in a wreck!

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    Just took a look at an Eddie Bauer leather seat on Google. Looks just like a seat you'd see in a nice sports car...looks very comfy, too!


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    I like the Special Tomato out of those four listed. I could easily fit in either the large or large extended.


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    I remember seeing a babyfur a long time ago named Nexi Tiger who I believe had an adult car seat. Its a pretty cool item for a cubby day, but I think I'd be terrified of people seeing me in it, at least, while we weren't moving. I think they're really expensive too. Like, upwards of a thousand dollars. Still really cool though!

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    I don't know what I would do. Hmmm...

    Once upon a time, I scoffed at the idea of sleeping in a crib. Now, I want one so badly, I can't wait to move into a place that could actually contain one. I guess the intrigue of riding around in one would be enough for me to say yes, as long as it's comfortable. Plus, road trips are one of the few fond memories I still hang onto from childhood.

    So, I suppose yes, I would. ^^

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    I have looked at all these and I like them all! But I thank there too small for us good guys. But if I get the change will try one no questions asked!


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