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    Just some of the activities I do with my cubs. While Baby games can help someone get in the mindset, to be honest they get real boring real fast. Both for a caretaker and for a cub. So here's a list of some things I like to do when I watch my little ones.

    1. Board Games - (My two favorite are Mousetrap and Hungry Hungry Hippos). This is a nostalgia thing I guess and sadly not as popular with today's youth it seems, but I find it allows my cub to regress to an earlier time where video games just weren't feasible. This activity allows you to to do something childish but is still engaging enough to keep your adult mind interested. Plus it instills a friendly sense of competition.

    2. Art Be it coloring in a coloring book or my personal favorite finger painting, this activity allows the little's imagination to run wild. And while coloring books can be cute, I find cubs get more interested in creating their own masterpieces. Plus it make for some nice art I can hang on my refrigerator.

    3. Story Time Not Go Dog Go, but I find stories from my little's youth keep them quite engaged. Favorites include Goosebumps, Animorphs, and Choose your own adventure. Or find some ABDL fiction online and read it aloud to your cub.

    4. Crafts Everyone remembers those silly crafts they did at camp or in gradeschool. They're great for play stations too. Be it Macaroni pictures or popsicle stick sculptures, they allow the adult mind to function while at the same time steering that mind into a childish direction.

    5. Outings Padded or not, taking your little to the zoo or Aquarium can be just what they need to make them feel young again. I find even a simple trip to the park and being pushed on the swing often relaxes my cubs.

    6. Baking 'Babies' like a making a mess, so allow them to do it productively, cookies and cake batter allow for a happy albeit hyper little. Plus the snacks afterwards can be enjoyable.

    I may post more later. Feel free to add your own.

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    You could also add movie time and put in a good Disney or pixar movie

    Fun with feeding - Dont just feed the little one make it fun, like playing airplane.

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    Awe dang, *wishes to have a care taker like that* awesome suggestions, sounds like it would make for a great time when cubbing out, and the caretaker can have some fun too.

    How about puppet shows!

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    Oh,I need to remember this for my boyfriend I personally would add video games because my boyfriend and I are gamers. We'll play mario party or Kirby together

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    There are tons of fun thing you can do with feeding. Most adult's find baby food unpalatable but things like mac and cheese or spaghetti o's are just as messy. You can feed them of course but there is nothing more cute than watching them try to eat pasta or the like without utensils.

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    I like to make my baby boy do some kindergarten or primary school homework, it keeps him ocupied for hours!

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