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Thread: Just a picture I found.

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    *nod nod* I believe in peace between all <:

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    Oh...I see it...Uhm...Ok? Good luck getting everyone to go along with that

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    Interesting, is it suposed to represent religus talerance?

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    I really like that picture- I've seen it on posters and T-shirts as well. It's true- we need to see past our differences and not let our different beliefs get in the way of seeing that we are all human.

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    I've seen bumper stickers with those around my area for a few years I think. It makes a valid point, though as an atheist myself, I would not be represented in the logo, I don't have a problem with other religions, but prefer that religion doesn't get forced down my throat. I just don't see why so many different religious groups can't get along.

    I think religion should be a personal thing, and if kept personal, then it doesn't affect others so I don't see why so many groups have to fight each other over essentially whose way of worshiping god is right. That is something I cannot comprehend.

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