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Thread: looking for a lil support.

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    Default looking for a lil support.

    Ok, so within a span of a few weeks, I was introduced to a wonderful abdl girl, and through the magic of the internet we started to rp and develop a relationship. Although neither of us established a relationship to the other, we affectionately called eachother babygirl and daddy respectively. Thing she had, a lot of issues she had to work out. And out of the blue, came forward and said she had found another potential daddy.

    I honestly want the best for her and since I do live quite far i can understand her reasons for wanting a physically closer significant other. I feel like I did my best as a daddy to her, and she even said I was a wonderful daddy to her. To all the littles and caretakers out there. Does distance make you feel like you'd rather have someone closer?

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    Hey man, I'm sorry about that all. Unfortunately long distance relationships are a hard thing to get going right. Have you asked her if there was any other reason aside from the distance that she was looking for somebody else? How long have you been messaging her and have you ever gotten time to spend with her in person? If you are not in a really deep relationship yet and her main problem really is just the distance, i'd say you should let her know that you would really like to keep in touch just in case if her other daddy wasn't all she was hoping for.
    As for distance, yes it plays a huge factor for me right now. I'm hoping that once i get my degree it wont thought and i'll be able to spend a bit of money on travel so i can widen my distance for relationships, otherwise it needs to stay close so i can have some physical contact, because that kind of thing is just really important to me. I'd say that if there was somebody across the country who i liked and wanted to not only play my mommy, but be a baby along with me, vs a girl who was happy with playing my mommy but didn't really feel comfortable wearing a diaper herself, I'd have a hard time choosing, but the latter would probably win, merely because we would have more time to develop our relationship.

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    While I don't have or want a daddy/mommy, I do have a big bro. Personally I am a bit of a reclusive person, but the relationship I have with my big bro is the best I could ask for and better than even most of my friends outside of the community. That said, he is also probably the longest distance relationship (big bro-little bro, friend, etc) that I have ever had. I always wish that I could live closer to him. With that in mind, being reclusive it takes a fairly decent amount of time for me to build up trust for someone, so I have a lot more patience with distance than most (to my understanding anyway).

    My point is, distance can and often does affect any relationship. How it affects it depends on the people/personalities involved. Clearly, if she says that her finding a new daddy wasn't your fault, then you should take that as the truth it is. That is my bit of wisdom, so to speak, so hope it was helpful.

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