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    As long as I could remember, I was curious about what it would feel like to wear a diaper. It was frustrating that I didn't have any memories of wearing while I did get to see my younger sister and cousins in them. I felt like I missed out. If it weren't for the baby pictures, I almost might have thought I never wore diapers. Anyway, that curiosity never really went away but it seemed too weird to tell anyone. As a senior in high school in a film/lit class, our teacher went over the concept of a fetish as a film term. He described the regular definition and at that point this thought occured to me: I have a diaper fetish.
    I had no idea if that was a real thing though until I went away to college the next year. That's when I first really started using the internet (since I was so bored) and that's when I discovered tb/dl. But I was always a very shy person, unable to talk about a lot of personal things. I still felt like I was so different from everyone else that no one could relate to me. The diaper thing became an obsession and it did interfere in some ways with my life. I just wanted to stop thinking about it but that never happened. I had a lot of other issues too about sexuality that bothered me but I felt were silly or stupid for me to ask. Nobody else seemed to fret over them so it must be immature of me to question.
    At the end of my sophomore year, a lady at my college diagnosed me with Aspergers Syndrome which finally explained why I felt such a barrier between me and others. I transferred schools and now am back at home. I have gradually become more assertive about myself. This summer, I finally told my therapist about my fetish. She was fine with it so I felt a little better. Just over a week ago, I stumbled onto these videos about shows that dealt with adult babies. One was on Tyra Banks and the other was WE network "Secret Lives of Women: Fetishes and Fantasies" (I'd include the links but apparently I need five posts first.)
    It's was very uplifting to see some positive coverage. I felt a lot more confident about myself after seeing healthy and otherwise "normal" people who were like me. A lot of the other examples on the internet weren't as family friendly or they were more anonymous, so it was difficult to get a sense of them having a regular life outside of ab/dl.
    Last Monday (10/20), I finally told my mom everything and she only wished that I had told her sooner because then I wouldn't have had this dark secret that ate me alive for so long. She went with me to another one of my doctors and he was completely nonchalant about it saying "I can handle anything, no need to hold back." And he even implied it would probably be healthy to go out and get some diapers just to finally end my curiosity. I know it won't go away but at least now I feel at peace about it. The way I now think about it, diapers are a part of me but they aren't even close to being all of me.

    I haven't gotten diapers yet but I hope to soon. The kind I want is whatever adult brand best resembles disposables from the late 80's since that's what I remember. (particularly the blue/pink Huggies) So I'm wondering if anyone knows what kind of diapers she was wearing in the Secret lives of Women video or the training pants girl who is in her cheerleading outfit. Those look good.

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    god...i wish my mom would've reacted like that...i told her last sunday X_X *metaphorically dies*

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    Edited out what i had here... i reread the story and decided that it did sound alot less fake than it did on the first reading. I think your way of talking had me tending to think the story was fake and i didn't pay quite enough attention to what you were actually saying. We get far too many "I told my mom i like diapers and now she's gonna diaper me" type stories which at first glance your post seemed like, but then i reread it and realized i misread it/didn't read very carefully.
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    Welcome to the site, Dark Bringer. I hope you understand what a stroke of good fortune your mother's reaction is. I hope this can be a good and useful place for you.

    In regard to your question, I don't recall the diaper in the Tyra Banks show, but for something that is infantile in appearance, there isn't a lot to choose from in adult sizing. Bambinos are one of the few brands that are made to appeal specifically to an AB interest.

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    Impressive introduction Dark Bringer.

    I'm afraid I can't assist with your query, nevertheless Trevor gave some sound information.

    In spite of this I can however welcome you to the ADISC forums.

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    How would anyone get the idea I'm making this up? I still haven't worn diapers since 2, not even once. Hardly the stuff of fantasies.
    Okay, you reread and understand it better. Thanks. I had had a lot of other difficulties. I was having trouble feeling motivated to do anything. I was diagnosed with depression in August. I went back on Wellbutrin. It took me a while to realize my mind was just thinking to fast to concentrate and I was mentally exhausting myself. So now I'm on Zoloft. Over the summer, I realized I'm most likely bisexual, leaning straight towards girls. I told my parents about that in September. So, I think they just want me to be healthy and not have stuff interferring with my life.
    If anyone decides to tell their parents, I would reccomend approaching it as something that's bothering you and you're worried about it as well. If your parents get a sense of how much anguish it has caused you, I think they might be more likely to be more sympathetic. I don't know for sure, that's just how I feel. And I also did feel that the Tyra Banks and Secret Lives of Women videos could be used to back me up and reassure them if they didn't react the best. So they were like an extra buffer if necessary.

    I can now post links
    Tyra Banks
    YouTube - Tyra Banks - About AB/DL

    I'm interested in what kinds of diapers they have in these next two videos.
    Secret Lives of Women
    YouTube - Fetishes and Fantasies Part 1

    training pants girl in cheerleader outfit
    Lisa putting on a diaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Bringer View Post
    How would anyone get the idea I'm making this up? I still haven't worn diapers since 2, not even once. Hardly the stuff of fantasies.
    You of course would not know this, but some new members put information in their "greeting" posts which seems inaccurate to some of our more skeptical members. Unfortunately it's not yet become a habit to gently question the poster's facts; instead sometimes, it becomes jump-down-the-throat of the new member, causing all manner of discomfort on all sides. This extends to bystanders like yours truly.

    It really does take some care and concentration to read and digest a long intro like yours, and Ben apparently realized that he had made a mistake after re-reading your first post (I did not read his original reply). Thanks Ben for your quick repair job

    That said, I will welcome you to our community, and wish you a long and happy relationship with us (and whatever form your interests take).

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    I understand where you're coming from Dark Bringer, and welcome to the site. Obviously there's no one on this site who is perfect, and many of us have experienced a number of problems, so you are in good company. I admire your honesty and ability to share information that is quite personal. I hope you will get the support and understanding which all of us need from time to time. And yes, you are lucky that your mom is the understanding sort.

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