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    I jus found this site the other day, and after reading some of the posts on the forum I deciced to join up. Im jus a average guy, 39, bi, in ny state. i live alone with my 10yo son and play on the comp a lot. Im rilly pretty boring i guess, lol.
    Im kind of a go to guy comp wise, i have my a+ several years now and have built dozens of comps for family and friends and friends of friends. i play a lot of vid games, xbox, 360, ps2, wii and pc. Im retired (dissabled) so i have kind of a lot of time on my hands for stuff like that.
    i jus wear for fun, bambinos are my hands down fav, the all white ones - altho I dont think i have ever tried the abena ones that are often rated as being better.
    So yeah thats me in a nut shell - nice to meet you all and I'll probably be in the chat if i can figure out how to access it.

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    hope you will be able to manage to find your place here quickly (most people do).

    Just curious, how did you think of that username?

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    Its just a name i often use in games and stuff - and its my yim name, with a . 'un.believer' The name unbeliever with no . having been taken by a shameless imposter some time before i loged on there.
    Im actually just rilly bad with names, I used to use a 3 digit number ( my house number ) as a forum name a few years ago then I switched.

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    Ah, I have the same problem. I can't think of any good names so I took the name of a character I played in a musical :P

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    So you obviously kept it hidden from your son right? If you don't mind me asking, what happened to get you disability? I'm sure that it must have been tough not to be able to work anymore.

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    You meen the diaper thing? well yeah of course I do keep that from him, and he is not allowed in my room at all jus in case there should be something siting around. I did have a roomate tho, las year that I met on a dl type site and he came to stay with me and he was much less discreet, he allwayshad a paci in his mouth and often wore around the house with like some swet pants on or something and you could see his diaper. So yeah, the kid did I believe become aware that he used to wear diapers. He never semed to think much of it. Me on the other hand i only do that when the boy is at his moms or late when hes sleepin.
    He was much more of a full blown ab type then I am tho, I jus enjoy wearing, its not a lifestyle, and not rilly a sexual thing either or not exclusively anyhow.
    As for the dissability, well its nothing rilly it does keep me home and I am unable to work but then as such things go its reletively easy to live with. i hate to be so secretive about it but its jus a personal thing and maybe if we get to kno each other better then we'll talk about it.
    But ya before it had progressed to the point where I couldnt work anymore i was an optician, had only recently become general manager in fact of a large optical lab where i had worked for like 12 years.
    Meh - so i take a pill every morning and i see the doc every 3 months and other than that theres good days and bad days and u jus live with it like anything else.

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