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Thread: What is your ideal age/gender/body type

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    Post What is your ideal age/gender/body type

    Basically in this thread you give your current age, gender, body type, and anything else you think is relevant likes so:

    I'm Currently
    >Very Tall and Bulky Muscular

    Then you post whatever you would want your ideal age, gender, body type, etc to be:

    I'd like to be
    >Child Age
    >Shorter and Petite

    Then give a description if you want to:
    I feel really weird being a guy and feel like I should have been born a girl. Many girls have commented I have a female personality. I also really don't like being older, and I wish for days when things were much simpler.

    If you don't feel comfortable posting any information... don't post it .
    If you're comfortable with your current self... that's also relevant!

    Have fun and we love everybody here.
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    Update: I added a poll; to make things more interesting. Also desired body can include being another species fur's welcome here!
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    I'm a thin male, and I don't have much problems with my body. I would like to be shorter than my ideal mate, with my head at about breast level. I'm short, but not short enough for that to be likely.

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    I am currently a 27 year old male. I'm a little overweight (5'9" and 180 something lbs) but not too bad.

    I would like to be between 4 and 10 years of age, average height and weight for that age range, and am happy being male. I think my pre-teen years were the best years of my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pawlf View Post

    I would like to be between 4 and 10 years of age, average height and weight for that age range, and am happy being male. I think my pre-teen years were the best years of my life.

    You and I are alike in that respect. ...

    I am 36
    skinny ,146lbs and about 5'10"

    I wish I was 9
    and small for my age
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    currently i m 19, 5' 11, and male.
    i want to be 7years old and i want to be a female.

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    I'm a 14 year old male
    5'6, 110lbs
    Dark Brown Hair

    I would want to be a bit taller
    and a bit stronger
    Probably, I would revert back to toddler age and stay in a glacier-like state of aging.

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    I wanna do one!

    Right now...
    -19 years old
    -Not too big, but not exactly small either.

    Want I want...
    -14 years old (I wanna relive highschool again >.<)
    -Smaller body frame

    I'm not exactly partial toward either gender, I feel more androgynous than anything else. Given the choice though I would probably choose to be female.

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    - 20
    - 6' 3"
    - Male
    - 220lbs


    - 18
    - 5' 10"
    - Androgynous male
    - Asian
    - 160lbs

    >That feel when not Asian

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    140 lbs.
    15 years old
    Fair-skinned and freckly

    Desired human body:
    110 lbs.
    Androgynous Male (I really like that term, Falkio)
    18 years old
    Fair skin, no freckles

    Desired body:
    Canis lupus familiaris
    Alaskan Malamute
    Black and white fur

    I want to be a dog, but it'd be nice if I was shorter and didn't have these dirty freckles everywhere. Also, I don't really feel male, I'm more gender-fluid than anything. It'd be nice to look more feminine.

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    I am...
    -29 years old
    -150 lbs.
    -Female (post op transgender)

    I want to be...
    -7 years old
    -Extra super cute
    -Biologically female

    Height is only major thing I hate about myself really. There's few more but those are minor and not so bothersome.

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