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Thread: Lidls adult nappies, run out?

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    Default Lidls adult nappies, run out?

    I went to my local Lidls in Maidstone Kent and they no longer sell the adult nappies they had on offer.
    I'm wondering if any of you wonderfull Abdls know of any Lidls still selling them?
    There a great cheap adult nappy and do there job well hehe. I bought 8 packs last year and have nearly run out, it will be shame not to find them again.

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    They ran out half a year ago didnt they? any stores with a back stock probably sold it by now :p

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    It will be a shame not to find them again, there good nappies, I don't fancy paying out for tena again hehe I'll have to research online and find a supplier.

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    there just attends rebranded and boxed up cheap from what i heard. they was real good at 56 diapers per 10, wish i got more whilst they existed so cheap, now im paying more for tena and other better brands, although tena are quite a bit better in some aspects.

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    As Alu already said these are just attends. I had them in hospital and recognized them as lidl ones, asked and they were attends. I was told the full name of the product but dont remember as i had other stuff on my mind at the time.

    I seen 3 packs reappear a couple of months ago in a lidl when i went in randomly but havent seen them again. (And this is Wrekenton, Gateshead so far away from you too)

    I remember contacting lidl to find out more about the product last year. They were being sold at lidl as a test before possibly being released at other supermarkets. There is a chance we might find them in tesco one day but its unlikely.

    Go to boots? Their staydry briefs are also just attends, but these ones only have one tape, more like what you would see on baby diapers. Except the cost is about 7.00 for 10

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    Boots have just started selling a "Staydry Slip" which look like they could be much the same as the Lidl ones (think it says equivalent to Attends 8 regular) as opposed to the one tape ones.

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    Our ran out ages back but I was not very convinced about those nappies they sold as after a few pees then tended to leak

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    I was in Boots today and they had the Staydry pull up pants, the Staydry pants that say one size, 10 briefs on them, and Staydry slips. Which are the ones that people say are suprisingly good? I think its the 2nd type (titled Staydry Pants, one size but they say 10 briefs on them. Also are both these and the slips plastic backed?

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    The best Boots ones are these: Boots Pharmaceuticals Staydry Pants One Size 10 Briefs - Boots They're the top absorbency, equivalent to Attends 10 and they are plastic-backed. I find them too big (I have a 32" waist) and difficult to fit, but if you're bigger, they should be okay.

    According to that web page they have a 3 for 2 offer on, so you can get 30 nappies for 15. (although I've never seen more than one pack on the shelf at a time).

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