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Thread: uk discreet internet buying

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    Default uk discreet internet buying

    I just orderd myself a few boxes of diapers (abena, tena, age uk, lili in medium and large with booster pads)
    I was wondering does any one have good places to buy from that is descreet packaging when deliverd ???


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    Incontinence Products & Continence Products Next Day |
    I am yet to use this site, but when I need to order this will probably be the next place I order from. I know a number of people who use this site and everything I heard about the site is good.

    Other than that, if you are after AB stuff, will ship in a cardboard box wrapped with grey plastic, or smaller orders in sealed grey plastic bags.

    Both the sites I listed above will send out in unmarked packaging other than the return address (The first is Choice shops, the second is MQ Trading, both have no direct link to there being diapers in the box, however a quick google search will reveal what it is)

    I'm pretty sure any site that sells adult diapers will ship with discreet packaging, but it would be best to check before you order just in case they don't. There are many sites other than the 2 above, but they are recommended ones that have high customer satisfaction and would be worth a try.

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    i've never experienced any supplier who wasn't discreet, in varying degrees. the most overt package came from Hartmanns and that was just the standard outer case (with 3 packs inside):
    Attachment 14127
    you can see the documents/address envelope on the top (unless the picture thing is still broken).
    but anyway, who'd know, except those who knew? and they should know better than to show that they know.

    [edit] yes the picture thing is still broken. unless i've been singled out.

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    Default is where I get my orders from as it has vat free option with samples for 10p. I just wondered if there was a better site. You also have a bulk buy option which is good for long time incontinence and it shows you the saving per item.

    I tryed ebay when I first had to order some and it came in a plastic bag (so you could feel it through the bag) then it had in capital letters INCONTINENCE PRODUCTS on a large sticker across the frount. I was embarrassed signing for them off the woman.

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    Incontinence Choice are completely discreet. They're also one of the cheapest online places in the UK. I've ordered from them several times and they've always been excellent.

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    Dorset nursing are excellent with next day UK delivery and very discreet packaging delivered by Pac couriers.I get my arena abriform from them.

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