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Thread: Any recommendations of Fursuit?

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    Lightbulb Any recommendations of Fursuit?

    Hi guys

    I know it's a difficult subject to explain but I'm looking for techniques on how to make the costumes.

    has anyone ever tried to make a fursuit?

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    From what I've heard, the bodysuit part is relatively easy to make: Hey there furries, I could use your help
    This thread helped me out a bunch. Most people recommend making the body cover yourself, but buying the hands/feet/head, as they require molds, castings, etc.
    try they have stuff for sale, a lot of the time for pretty reasonable prices--and you can find pretty cool info too.
    I hope this helps you!

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    Here's the thing, if you have no prior experience with tailoring or sewing, it's going to be challenging to make the suit well. There's a very big difference between an attractive and aesthetically pleasing fursuit and a horrific one that looks like you bought a pink carpet at the dollar store and put ears on it.

    If you're up for the difficult task and you know that you'll recognize when you mess up, go for it. If I were you, I'd save up money and buy it from an experienced builder. But if you want to go for it, rock on. Send us pictures

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    Try out

    Matrices has several guides on fursuit building. As said the bodysuit is the easiest part of the suit to make as long as you have help getting measurements from someone. All other parts of the suit require sculpting skills to craft the right shape into the foam. Some people can either make amazing first suits, or horrible ones. It all takes practice.

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    Quarezzel has a few tutorials on her websites-- Clockwork Creature

    Tutorials by Qarrezel on deviantART

    And so does Beetlecat-- Tutorials | Beetlecat Originals

    Hope those help! Apparently, there's a fursuiting community on Livejournal who can also help you! ouo

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