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    Hello there,

    I have been browsing the forums here for a couple days and figured I should join in the discussion. I am a DL that prefers tape-on briefs to pull-ups any day.

    Right now, I am a full-time student in college and looking to get into the IT field. Because of this, my interests naturally fall to video games and computers however I'm also great at sports and love a good round of golf.

    I'm joining ADISC so I can become part of the conversations. Everyone loves to be heard and I thought I might come away with some good information from what seems like a well-moderated place. I look forward to talking with others that share the same interests.


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    Yo! Glad to have you on board.
    What kinds of computer games are you fond of? A good amount of people on ADISC are gamers, so this is naturally one of our most keen interests.

    And I always liked golf - never got into it much, because I had a set of clubs that were getting smaller year-by-year. I'm done growing now, but I'm in college without cash. Maybe I'll get back to it later in life. It was a whole lot of fun... except when you had lawyers' kids going golfing. Then... well, you can imagine their attitudes.

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    I don't partake in too many PC games, I'm mostly an XBox gamer although I still have my Genesis from when I was younger. I prefer the FPS to most other genres but I'm willing to try anything really.

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    Hey, I'm also going into IT, just started college! I'm a gamer as well, but you seem to be console oriented. I'm on the PC side
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    I don't really have good enough specs to run great PC games. That and all my friends play on console. I've always liked having a controller in my hand.

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