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Thread: Whats your diaper related theme song?

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    Default Whats your diaper related theme song?

    Theme song posts all seem to be closed even though they aren't that big, so here's another one!

    Tom Waits- I Don't Wanna Grow Up

    This song creeps me out like it was written for me. When you look at this song from an AB/DL context, it's amazing how well it fits our mindset in general.

    Tom Waits is an amazing artist and I highly recommend listening to some of his other songs, don't be put off by his cookie monster voice singing style, that's just from the bourbon and cigarettes. Many bands owe a great deal to Tom for his help with their music; namely The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith... and it has been said that Tom Waits it more Dylan than Bob Dylan. Tom Waits's musical genre = Tom Waits, but that didn't stop him from being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. His song "Going Out West" makes me want to ride my motorcycle to the nearest bar and start a fight.

    Make an effort to listen to other peoples theme songs please, and not post themes EVERYONE LOVES AND CAN RELATE TO... (star wars/movie themes, video games, classical music even because even dead people liked that stuff and nobody with a brain should doubt it's amazing art) BE ORIGINAL AND DON'T CLOG THE THREAD WITH STEREOTYPE THEME SONG PLEASE!

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    Well call me anything you like but I think this song pretty much represent myself.

    Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights.

    OK at this point someone will say "Hang on what is the connection between this song and Diaper" Yes it maybe have nothing to do with diaper or infantilism in general. But of you look carefully on the lyrics "We the one that you forgotten". Ring any bells? I think that is like our current situation Yes we seems to be forgotten and ignored by society but as the lyrics goes on... "But we will not be denied". I think that shows my resistance to not just ignored by society. "Coming out of shadows" someday we will come out from shadows. And then "Yeah yeah we rock a satellites".

    I really wondered what people will think about "other" interpretation of this song by me.

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    I would rather remain deeeeeeeeep in the shadows. My theme song on this, usually any peaceful music. I don't usually listen to music while I have baby time. But if I have the house to myself, and want to get in the mood I'll listen to a peaceful song, and wait like five minutes. Like, the first one that comes to mind right now is the piano cover of "Brave Your Truth" By DaisyXDaisy.... Wow I've been reading too much Chrome Shelled Regios XD

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