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    Default Battery problems

    Lately my(and my brother in laws)Battery Have not been holding charges. Is there anyway to fix It without having to buy A new one?

    Also My Computer Has been Jumping Up to 100% usage and freezing With 2-3 small programs on the screen and few in the task bar. Does anyone know what Is causing this?

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    It depends on the age of the battery. All rechargeables will lose capacity as they age. If it's old, that might be your problem.

    Your second description is way too vague, but it's possible that you are using a lot of resources (e.g. CPU frequency scaled to max, lots of disk writes, wireless internet, bright LCD).

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    Did that gradually change or did it suddenly change?

    Did you change anything lately?

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    Sudden Change. And it happened 3 months ago. I've finely got annoyed by it

    And the only thing I changed was installed AA(Americans army.

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    With the installing of AA did you play it a lot. (Games eat battery life due to how much resources they use)

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    The suddenly loss of battery life is inconsistent with aging but I don't have any other ideas.

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    First try uninstalling Americas Army I guess? Uhh it could be a number of things, I cant really tell unless I were to see it. But try and make the screen a bit darker that will save some battery life and also try and see what your CPU is up to and see what is running are happening. I also found these links here help full with my macbook at school.
    Seven Tips for Better Notebook Battery Life
    4 tips to extend the life of your laptop battery
    Also this one!
    Top 15 Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life|Friedbeef’s Tech
    In a nutshell just keep your screen dimer, use less aplpications at once, Keep the heat down, and use hibernate mode instead of standby mode and don't play video games on it to much. It could just be the battery wearing down after a while so check E-bay for a good cheap replacment battery, or you could always deal with customer service reps and maybe get a free new battery?

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