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Thread: Going to the movies

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    Default Going to the movies

    Im going to go see a movie today (the latest Bourne movie)

    So, OBVIOUSLY Im going to go diapered. I believe its just so much more convenient and easier to watch a movie without having to worry about missing any of the movie. PERIOD, Amen, lol

    So, Im going to grab a coke at the corner store. I need to make change, to get on the bus. The bus ride is close to a half hour, Movie starts at 3:45. I plan on getting a little treat with another drink of course while im there. On the way home Im going to stop at Walmart and do some grocery shopping, and by then I believe the diaper will be very full and very heavy.

    Now I just need to figure out what Id like to wear. Id like to be daring and wear some leggings, but they dont have pockets for my phone, keys and wallet. Oh well.

    Will post later what happens.

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    Sounds like an enjoyable evening! Have fun, good luck, and may the leak barriers be with you.

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    Movie time was 3:45. I got diapered at 2:15, went out caught the bus to downtown. I was wearing the diaper, a pair of compression shorts (Starter brand from Walmart) and another pair of shorts very loose fitting from Starter over them. I walked to the bus and could DEFINITELY feel extra padding, and felt back there was some definite bulk. What are usually very loose shorts were suddenly a bit tighter. I hit the store for the coke, and then to the bus stop. People in both of them, and 3 people at the bus stop. I got on the bus, (at one point even got off to help a guy with his bike on the bike rack.) No one said a thing. I arrived in downtown, having wet the diaper once, and then got off, and walked the block and a half, to the theatre. Again, people might have noticed some extra bulk if paying attention, but I didnt care, and continued on.

    I was the only one in the movie theatre. No one else. I wet like 3 times during the movie (the biggest wetting at the climatic part of the ending) and then again as the credits began to roll. I walked out, wet again on the bus going to Walmart.

    Wet another 2 or 3 times in Walmart, getting my food, and am now home. Still in the same diaper 6hrs later.

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    Default Re: Going to the movies

    Sounds like you had a pretty good time! :3
    Can't wait until I can do something like that...

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    Thats alot of wetting!!! Sounds like you had a very enjoyable time out while diapered, congrats! I am way too curious and have to ask... what kind of diaper were you wearing? Obviously it wasn't a store brand!

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    Peeing 7 times in six hours? Wow XD Is that healthy? Either way glad you had fun, didn't really like the Bourne movie though, did you?

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    Ah, the movies. I padded up for the last Harry Potter - midnight showing, naturally. I went with a bunch of friends (who were completely clueless), and had to stand in line for quite a while before even getting into the theater... and then had to wait even longer. It came in really handy, needless to say. The whole experience was a lot of fun, actually - especially since I drink a huge amount. I think that, afterwards, I actually had enough space (arguably =P) left for the night and the morning. Wearing to the movies is definitely one of the most fun/practical things you can do with diapers. The two activities go together like bread and butter... if I have padding, there's no way I won't wear it to the flick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DONeill73 View Post
    I was the only one in the movie theatre. No one else.
    Wow! So they put the film on just for you?! What are the chances of that happening?!

    I wonder why it was so quiet... They must've lost money on that screening... You'd think they'd have closed it if they'd realised...

    If it was only you there, you could just holler up at the projectionist to hit the pause button if you needed the toilet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DONeill73 View Post
    I and goink to go see movie today. Is latest Bourne movie.

    OFF course, is diapered experience. Is SO convenient and SO easier to watch without leavink movie to shake the wodka leftovers. Praise be to Got in heaven.

    I am grabbink Coke at little khreinitz. I am changink out of old nasty wee-wa at this time, before gettink on the bus. How I will smuggle in this drink, I do not know at this time, but I am master at this business. Movie is beginnink at 15:45 so I will be havink a bit of wodka for myself as a treat. By this time diapers is heavy as large babushka. Ha! Ha ha!

    I am not of course wearink the leggings, because they have no spots for my many things to be having. So a shame!

    I will report back later, comrades!
    Excellent friend! I hope to hear of your saggy drippins!

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