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    Question qwestion

    What is the most thickest diaper/nappy?

    ive been tolled its the dry 24/7 diapers

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    Default qwestion

    I have not tried the 24/7 but I have tried Fabines. They are the thickest and most absorbant that I have ever used. The manufacturer also claims that the Fabines are the most absorbant diaper in the world.

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    yes dry 24/7 are the thickest for disposables and they swell up larger when wet, you can make cloth more bulky if you wanted.


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    as Alu said, don't think i have seen anything else thicker then dry 24/7

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    okies hehe well the thickest nappy i have tryed is a cloth nappy hehe

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    Cloth has the potential to be the thickest. As for disposable, dry 24/7 is thicker than fabines and every other diaper for that matter. You can double or stuff disposable diapers to any thickness you want, but for single diapers dry 24/7 is the thickest that I know of.

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    I think Fabines are the thickest disposable diaper one can get, but they're very hard to come by. Maybe people in Europe can get them easier? I think ABU sold them for a short time. Dry 24/7s are extremely thick too. I love those, as they're very comfortable. The old ones were even better.

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    dry 24/7 is just slightly thicker than a fabine when folded up , but seems to be about the same when laid flat
    it must be a matter of a fuller padding shape adding to the thickness.

    so if you like a more all around padding then the 24/7 is going to suit.

    They are quite different shapes when compared and everyone fits a little differently.. if your smaller you'll probably want the Fabines as they seem to run a little smaller than the 24/7
    Fabines can still be ordered direct from the manufacturer : .. shipping is a little high depending on where you live.
    They are freindly folks and can work with you.
    hope this helps

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